Why Pakistan lags behind ?

IN an analysis, The Time of India has pointed out that Pakistan enjoyed robust economic growth in 1950s and 1960s and expressed surprise what went wrong in subsequent years that Pakistan is today lagging behind India as far as several performance indicators are concerned. It says India is considered an established democracy with a rapidly growing economy while Pakistan remains chronically unstable and a poor performer.
Pakistan might be under-achiever for a variety of reasons but one thing is absolutely clear and is known to all that as far as quality of life and quality of industrial products and agricultural produce is concerned, Pakistan is far ahead of India. It is because of this reason that Indians buy Pakistani products from markets like Dubai and market them as their own product after packaging and branding. But leaving this apart, one has to acknowledge that Pakistan failed to maintain its growth momentum of first two decades mainly because of lack of commitment, planning and foresight by subsequent leadership. Political instability, discontinuation of economic and financial policies, discarding projects initiated by one government by the other and massive corruption were some of the factors that led the country to this dismal state of affairs.
We have been experimenting with the Constitution, parliamentary and presidential systems, local government system and civil service without getting anything positive and destroying what the country already had. It is also a fact that a conspiring neighbour like India always forced Pakistan to divert more resources for its security and defence because of aggressive designs of New Delhi. Apart from the wars imposed on the country, we are now also in the midst of an unconventional war on terror that is eating up much of our resources. Pakistan can surely accelerate the pace of its growth if it succeeds in overcoming its internal weaknesses.

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