Why Orlando shooter killed so many

Geopolitical notes from India

M D Nalapat

IN the past, the Dulles brothers subscribed to the Winston Churchill doctrine that only those of European extraction could be trusted with power and privileges, and that the rest were fated to serve as helots. Adolf Hitler carried this philosophy somewhat further, by adopting it also in cases involving European populations, enslaving tens of millions on the continent and murdering millions of the most productive minds that were present at the time. Churchill in effect killed off more than six million poor in eastern India by denying them foodgrains during the wartime famine, but because these were “natives” and therefore in effect less than human, the former Prime Minister of Britain is regarded as a champion of freedoms and democracy rather than the racial supremacist that he in actuality was. Interestingly, he himself had American Indian blood through his mother Jenny Jerome. Was this what caused him to manifest such an aversion to those not of European extraction?
There are credible reports that Adolf Hitler was himself a descendant of Jewish parentage, of course illegitimate, and it was perhaps to cover this up that he embarked on a killing spree against a sensitive community that has so enriched the world with its creative talents. Of course, there is nothing wrong in being illegitimate – the child can hardly be blamed for being the consequence of such a birth – except in a mind already twisted, as Hitler’s was Interestingly, many of the people in Iran consider themselves to be “Aryans”, or the same presumed race celebrated as the Master Race by the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), as do some even in Indoa, a country where DNAs have become as swirled together as is taking place these days in US, and for the good. Humanity is a single entity, children of same Almighty, and need to be treated as such.
All humanity are brothers and sisters to each other, and those who see them otherwise are going against the teachings revealed in the Holy Qur’an. In the case of the Orlando shooter as well, what appears to have taken place is a misinterpretation of the Word of God. Those recruiting for purposes of terror promise eternal life in Paradise for those falling prey to their blandishments. The fact is that only Almighty can decide whether it be Hell or Heaven, and that too after life is over. Pretending that such a power vests in the hands of ordinary mortals is against the teachings revealed 1500 years ago, and yet thousands if not more young people every year fall victim to such false teachings.
Coming to the case of Omar Mateen, it is clear that he was burdened by guilt at what he saw as unforgivable excesses committed in his personal life. Unfortunately, too many false teachers claim that an act of terror is all that is needed to redeem such individuals and ensure Paradise in the afterlife. Mateen clearly believed such nonsensical views and acted in accordance with them, condemning more than a hundred innocents to death and severe bodily harm. If more such misguided depredators are to be stopped, what is needed is a program that shows the truth of the quantum of punishment
being in the power of solely the Almighty. Unfortunately, several religious teachers hesitate to say this, because it would cut at their own power to ensure obedience from their followers by promising entry into Paradise for the obedient and Hell for the others. Such preachers ignore the fact that the Holy Qur’an has empowered every human being to make his or her own decisions about what should be the life path to be followed. The layer of self-declared religious “experts” has in effect sought to dilute and even negate the democracy that is at the heart of the revealed teachings
Unfortunately, such false teachers have been encouraged by the UK as well as the US at different times in modern history. Wahabbism was used to separate Arabs from Turks in the early part of the previous century and later, in the 1950s and the next decade, to lessen the effect of Arab nationalism of the kind championed by Ahmed Ben Bella and Gamal Abdel Nasser, nd which challenged the European powers and the US. For it needs to be remembered that the Dulles brothers aligned Washington with the colonial states in Europe, thereby leading to such disasters as US involvement in the French war of colonial occupation of Vietnam.
After every European power including Britain lost to Japan, after the war was over, a sensible course for the US to follow would have been to champion the rights and freedoms that Winston Churchill sought to reserve for those of European origin only. Instead, the Dulles brothers, assisted by the slow-thinking Dwight D Eisenhower sought to lengthen the colonial oppression of Asia by Europe, in the process damaging much of the goodwill within the continent that had been won by President Franklin D Roosevelt and would have been carried forward by John F Kennedy, had he been allowed to live rather than be killed in a shadowy shooting episode in 1963.
Unfortunately, his successor Lyndon Johnson showed a split personality, standing up for human dignity and civil rights within the US while acting as a colonial force in Vietnam, a mistake that finally doomed his career in politics. Subsequently, Henry Kissinger ensured that Vietnam, Cambodia and Loas were bombed to the extent possible in the 1970s, an act for which he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
Omar Mateen knew that he was a flawed human being. He was aware of several actions that in his mind would have excluded him from ever entering anything other than the portals of Hell. Unfortunately, he fell prey to some of the thousands of preachers who prescribe paths to the afterlife, ignoring the fact that the Final Judgement is made using scales that are unknown and unseen to human beings. Omar was among the many who bought a phony passport to the afterlife through an act of terror. Along with their dupes, such false preachers need to be condemned and punished as well, and their false teachings exposed for the untruths they are. Humanity should be spared such actions as took place days ago in Orlando.
—The writer is Vice-Chair, Manipal Advanced Research Group, UNESCO Peace Chair & Professor of Geopolitics, Manipal University, Haryana State, India.

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