Why local bodies are powerless?

Azhar Thiraj

This is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a democratically elected government have introduced local government acts in their respective constituencies. Each of the four provinces of Pakistan has introduces a distinct local government act and the elections for local bodies have been completed but the elected local bodies are still waiting for their powers to be devolved. Almost a year is gone but none of the province has fully activated its local government mechanism, which is creating great unrest amongst the elected representatives for local government.
Here the question is why provincial governments are not ready to give rights to LG to become functional? If the aim was to keep them powerless why elections were held. It shows dual face of our democracy, dishonesty of our parliamentarians and ruling parties of provinces. Our parliamentarians are not ready to share their powers; they want the public to remain their slaves. I think, this democracy is like a monarchy; the rulers want only their dictation, their rule. They change the definition of democracy as ‘the government of the rulers, for the rulers, and by the rulers. This system must be changed.
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