Why Chhotu groups become monsters?

ARMY operation launched in Rajanpur against hardcore criminals is achieving success as, according to initial reports, the troops have reclaimed 34 police posts and about forty members of the Chhotu group have surrendered before law-enforcing agencies. It is understood that the troops would continue the operation till complete elimination of the criminals from the area.
Assistance of Pakistan Army was sought by the Punjab Government following failure of the action of the Provincial police in cleansing the area and re-establishing the writ of the state, which is known to be a safe haven for gangsters and criminals. This, in itself, shows the magnitude and nature of the problem as state within state was created and the local administration and Punjab Police miserably failed to ensure rule of law there. Operation against Chhotu group and others would surely be taken to the logical conclusion but the question arises as to why such groups are allowed to take roots and not eliminated in the bud. This is reflective of apathy and criminal negligence of the local administration, which failed to take notice of activities of even organized gangs. Chhuto group has been there for years and there are allegations that the criminals were being patronized by influential people including politicians and landlords, who use such groups to advance their own designs and also allegedly receive part of the ransom collected by these groups and criminals through kidnappings. We talk about non-extension of laws of the land and writ of the Government in areas like FATA but here in a settled region, we had ‘no go area’ controlled by criminals. And Rajanpur is not the exception as there are many other safe havens for criminals in parts of Sindh, southern Punjab and even in Gujrat and Rawalpindi where criminals successfully seek refuge and then harbour criminal acts. There should be zero tolerance for such groups and no go areas and they must be cleared without losing further time.

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