Why an outcry on PTI’s plan?

PROBABLY it was first time in the country’s history that a Party before going to the polls presented its agenda for the first one hundred days in power, thus providing an opportunity to the masses at large to give their opinion on it. Ever since its unveiling by Imran Khan-led PTI, the comprehensive plan touching all important sectors, has triggered a debate in every segment of society which is a healthy sign and trend as it will help the Party to further fine tune and modify it according to the public aspirations and what actually the country requires.
In this scenario the reaction of two mainstream parties, the ruling PML (N) and the PPP, on the PTI’s document is indeed immature and uncalled for. Addressing a news conference on Tuesday, senior leaders of the PML (N) including Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal lashed out at the personality of Imran Khan and raised fingers at his Party’s performance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The leadership of the PPP also described the PTI’s plan a wishful thinking saying the Party will not be able to implement it. Indeed the political parties and other segments of the society have every right to criticise and express their reservations on the PTI’s plan but before pointing fingers, they also need to realise that the Party has the right to present its agenda before the masses. It is true that the performance of the PTI’s provincial government was not such as was being expected from it yet, given the difficult province faced with serious issues of security and terrorism, we understand that the Party still performed well to bring improvements in Police Department, Health and Education sectors. Then most importantly, the leadership of PTI in the centre will be totally different from the one in KP and we have no doubt in saying that its central leadership which is a blend of both seniors and juniors has the intention, capability and capacity to take forward the country. The PTI’s agenda is being described as ambitious but we understand if the Party, which is beaming with confidence to come to power, even succeeds to implement fifty or sixty per cent of it, it will help address chronic economic and social issues. We, therefore, will suggest to other parties that instead of criticising the PTI, they should come up with their own future agendas and plans, thus providing a fair opportunity to the people to judge them and then make a right choice. It is also for the PTI that they award tickets only to those candidates who truly believe in Party’s ideology and are ready to implement its programme.

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