Whose Policies are Paradoxical?

It is despicable that despite rendering great sacrifices both human and material in the war on terror which in fact was imposed on us, the US never stops shorts of accusing Pakistan for the failures of its own in neighboring Afghanistan where new groups are gaining foothold. Again on Saturday, US National Security Adviser General Mc Master said President Donald Trump wants Pakistan to change its “paradoxical” policy of supporting the militants.
US officials often put an accusatory finger on Pakistan but this is the first time that the allegation has been attributed to President Trump. We understand the very remarks of the US administration are mere rhetoric aimed at covering up their own failures and making Pakistan a scapegoat. The whole world knows that Pakistan has taken a very firm and strict action against terrorists and this is the reason that most of the tribal area, which once was considered a bastion for terrorists, has been cleared of terrorist elements. However, the situation on the other side of the border where the well equipped US troops are based is totally different as more terror monsters such as Daesh are rearing their heads there. We therefore believe that instead of giving dictations to Islamabad, Washington needs to change its paradoxical policies which have only resulted in making the region more insecure. Instead of repeatedly trying the failed option of use of force, it is time to give a serious consideration to promoting the reconciliation process in Afghanistan with complete sincerity and stop India from playing proxies if the US administration is really interested in restoring peace to the war torn country. There is no military solution to Afghan problem but the peace process for the success of which the QCG can play a very pivotal role.

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