Whose fault is it?

Every day we come across a number of traffic hazards ranging from minor to fatal ones. The major reason leading to this menace, as everybody knows, is the defiance of traffic laws by the motorists. Although this fact cannot be denied that negligence of the government regarding this matter contributes substantially to the traffic issues, but initial responsibility lies on the individuals driving recklessly.
Majority of the Pakistani people seems to be utterly unacquainted with the basics of road sense. Violations like breaking the traffic signals, breaching lane discipline, crossing speed limit, disregarding road signs and misuse of horn are commonly executed by the Pakistani public, and a number of accidents happen daily as an outcome. There is such an extent of ignorance that traffic signals become useless in peak rush hours and a traffic sergeant has to control the traffic flow manually. If a traffic constable is not present within the line of sight of a driver, he considers it his obligation to straightaway cross the red light.
One of the major reasons leading to this situation might be the fearlessness of any severe punishment. There should be serious and strict penalties for disobeying traffic rules as whenever a driver violates any of these, his minor mistake might turn into a serious crime, for an accident happens within span of seconds. Besides the drivers must ensure the learning of proper road education for safety of others as well as themselves and recognize their duty as responsible and disciplined citizens of Pakistan. RAO NAJAM

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