Who mislead Baloch youth

Dr Muhammad Khan

IN last two decades, India misled and engaged thousands of Baloch youth for subversive activities from the Pakistani province of Balochistan through its infamous spying network RAW. In order to make inroads, India planted people like Kulbushan Yadhav, a serving officer of Indian Navy, deputed to RAW. These agents have mainly been involved in brainwashing of the Baloch youth on the false supplication of Baloch sun-nationalism. For this purpose, these mislead people were given huge money and other incentives. They were taken away in India and other neighbouring countries of Pakistan, where Indian consulates had the RAW trainers to train them for anti Pakistan activities.
After their training for the terrorist activities, they used to be launched inside Pakistan with latest weaponry and finances to attack and target national assets and to kill the innocent people. While these people are out for the training, the Sub-nationalists would make hue and cry and show them as the missing persons and those, who tried to come back to normal life are being killed by these Indian agents, and Pakistani intelligence agencies are blamed for these killings too.
In order to train these people, India used the soil of two Pakistan’s Muslim neighbour countries. Among those being used by RAW and spying network of other countries include; the grandson of Akbar Bugti, Brahumdagh Khan Bugti, Sana Baloch, Harb Yar Murree and many others. They all were facilitated to move out from Pakistan at different time and used by RAW as per its well-articulated narratives for campaigning against the state of Pakistan. Ms Naela Qaduri Baloch, is one such character among many others on the Indian payroll.
Naela Baloch is a self-styled head of World Baloch Women’s Forum, campaigning against Pakistan on behest of India for quite some time. Now a days, she is in India, as a guest of RAW and being used by this spying network against Pakistan. Earlier she has been stationed in Chabahar for quite some time, perhaps in the circle of Kulbushan Yadave, as after his arrest RAW has intensified her media campaign against Pakistan.
In a recent interview with the Times of India (Aarti Tikoo Singh) Naela Baloch made some misleading assertions and asked India (appeal to Indian Prime Minister Modi) for playing a role like East Pakistan Debacle-1971, to free the Balochistan, indeed a funny demand. She has forgotten the fact that today’s Pakistan is very different then what it was in 1971. Pakistan is a nuclear state with very well trained and well-equipped standing Army, capable of defeating any aggression or conspiracy against it. Moreover, Naela Baloch is unaware of the facts that, there has returned the normalacy and element of stability in Balochistan. The betrayed youth have decided to come back, to be part of the mainstream, rather being misled by the so-called Baloch nationalist. The armed rebels, who were forced by the Indian RAW and their cronies here to fight against the state and its security forces are surrendering their arms and have revealed everything as how Indian RAW mislead them. They also revealed the misleading role played by the people like Naela Baloch. Indeed, these Indian agents betrayed and misled the Baloch youth, studying in various educational institutions of the Province. They promised them better life and gave them huge sum of the money to quit their education and undertake the terrorist activities. These Indian agents like Naela Baloch convinced the youth to kill the innocent people of their own area and put blame on security forces to defame them. These revelations of the misled youth are shocking and indeed go against these Indian led sub nationalist, as youth of province want to study with a dignified life style, rather undertaking terrorist activities.
As a teacher and activist, Naela Baloch should have convinced the people to educate themselves, rather giving them Indian made arms and bombs to kill their innocent fellows. Now, the people of the Balochistan have known the very fact, recognize the brutal hidden face of the people like Naela Baloch and other so-called sub-nationalists, and indeed have rejected their false ideology and assertions. What a pity that, these Indian agents have pushed the Baloch youth out of educational institutions, just for few million dollars? These people like Naela Baloch are enemies of the Baloch and enemies of Pakistan.
Time has come that, the youth bulge of respected Baloch community, living anywhere in Pakistan must rise and reject all those conspiring against them and their future generations. Keeping the Baloch tribes away from the education and development is indeed a clear enmity with these brave people. As an educationist, I observed the Baloch youth as highly responsible, hardworking, visionary, dedicated and loyal. These Baloch youth from far-flung areas need better educational and civic facilities, rather than arms and anti-state training. It is high time that, people like Naela Baloch should stop misleading the Baloch youth and stop playing in the hands of RAW.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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