Who is behind Fatwas ?

INTERIOR Minister Ahsan Iqbal had to speak twice — first in the National Assembly session and then at a press conference in the evening — on Friday to lament those behind the smear campaign to malign some personalities on the pretext of finality of the Prophethood. Calling for an end to the on-going debate on the issue, he said only the State has the right to declare Jehad and issue Fatwas in an Islamic country and no citizen has the right to call for killing of other citizens.
Irrespective of who was behind the unfortunate amendment in the oath of the candidates for elections, the fact remains that the amendment was undone in a prompt and swift manner. This was done through mutual consultation of all political parties in Parliament and none of them including the ruling party opposed, delayed or created hurdles in the way of resolution of the controversy as it was a question of faith and sentiments of 210 million Pakistanis. Therefore, when an issue has been resolved, there is absolutely no justification or logic to whip up the propaganda through social media or through any other forum. This is because the society is already highly polarized on different counts and no attempt should be made to inflict more harm to the country by fuelling unnecessary controversies. No one can imagine that the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League, which is founder of the country, would indulge in an un-Islamic or blasphemous act. PML(N) leaders are known for their religious commitment and patriotism, therefore, attempts to malign them are nothing but politically motivated. It is also a matter of record that when JUI(F) member pointed out the flaw during debate on the Election Bill in the Senate, Law Minister Zahid Hamid supported his views and the treasury agreed to bring about an amendment to restore the form to its original state. We believe that despite its resolution, the controversy is being fanned by some vested interests who wanted to create more complications for a beleaguered Government, which is trying to run the country as efficiently as possible despite stresses and strains from different directions. We hope that the Interior Minister would see to it that effective mechanism is in place to identify and punish all those who misuse social media through bogus accounts.

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