Where PPP stands?

CRACKS have started appearing in the joint opposition even before it could demonstrate its muscles as the two major components of the alliance i.e. PML (N) and PPP seem to be drifting away for known and unknown reasons. While members of PML (N) took pains to attend the sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday that was convened for election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker and as per their statements the party voted for PPP and MMA nominees for the two slots, PPP has reservations for voting for Mian Shahbaz Sharif who, as per decision of the joint opposition, is contesting the election of the Leader of the House in the National Assembly.
Apparently, in a bid, to avoiding criticism of backtracking from its commitments, PPP is claiming that it was ready to vote for PML (N) nominee other than Mian Shahbaz Sharif. This has prompted sharp reaction from the other side with PML (N) leader Mushahidullah arguing that if Bilawal has to dictate PML (N) then Shahbaz should run affairs of PPP. PML (N) maintains once a decision has been taken that PML (N) is to field its candidate for the office of PM, it should be left to the Party to decide about the actual nominees. It also points out that the decision to field Shahbaz was taken at the meeting of the joint Opposition. Whatever the reasons, it was quite obvious from the outcome of the recent general election that PPP has more stakes in the system than PML (N) as the Party has absolute power in Sindh, is dictating terms in the Senate and was in a position to get concessions from PTI government at the Centre for its open or tacit cooperation on different issues.
There is also pressure on the Party as corruption cases are hanging like sword on its top leadership. As against this, PML (N) has only grievances and has vowed to agitate them both inside and outside Parliament in the strongest possible terms. The differences between the PPP and the PML (N) at the very outset of the new dispensation mean that the two parties would not be able to demonstrate unity on core issues of their individual concern. The PPP would obviously want not to jolt the system while PML (N) might make every endeavour to give vent to its anger. This also means there is possibility of some sort of cooperation between PPP and PTI in future, which would, of course, lend strength and stability to the system. It is also interesting to note that despite being part of MMA, JI has announced that it would not vote for any candidate in the election for Leader of the House which speaks volumes about politics of JI as well.

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