When leaders cheat..!

WHEN leaders cheat, children watch, and think it’s right to do so. If the courts had not stepped in last week, the children of India would have seen on a giant 70 mm screen called Bharat, cheating happening on a titanic scale as millions of rupees promised to elected representatives to cross the floor, would have seen effect!
When leaders cheat, children believe it’s an accepted way of life. What good shocking photos of school buildings in Bihar splashed across newspapers showing relatives climbing the first and second floor from the outside to help examinee children inside? Giving them the answers to pass, just like giving them cash to cross over!
When leaders cheat, a whole nation takes one more downhill step, into an abyss known as corruption! An abyss, from where we will never get out. How often as Indians we’ve stepped abroad and been told about experiences of foreign businessmen who tried to do business with us and tales of cheating! When leaders cheat, these same businessmen abroad will look at each other, nod and whisper, “I told you so!”
When leaders cheat, they shouldn’t do radio programmes for children, because children then will think it acceptable to say one thing and live another. Children mesmerized by radio speeches of rhetorical leader will wink and say, “What a talk,” but, “Yesterday we saw he doesn’t walk his talk!” And again they’ll wink as they emulate same method to live their lives! Maybe radio talks should go off for a while till our young ones forget the open horrific horse trading attempts they witnessed.
When leaders cheat, lawlessness abounds and laws made useless. The man on the road, who till now thought he had to covertly bribe a policeman when caught, knows it is now official, and just as waiter in hotel is supposed to make up his salary in tips, thinks that it is his duty to bribe poor cop just as leaders thought in Karnataka it was their duty to offer brazen 100 crore tips to newly elected men and women for services they would render! When leaders cheat, they shouldn’t stand on an electoral platform and speak of previous leaders from previous governments who cheated and were corrupt, because what those old cheats did surreptitiously and covertly, these did openly, through phone and family, incentives and threats.
When leaders cheat, like what we saw, and what they will continue to do, they have no right to be leaders, because what they are doing is lifting the dirt of corruption from under their heels and plastering it on their foreheads saying, “This is who I am, corrupt and a cheat!”
When leaders cheat, India’s children, and we parents of these little impressionable ones need to move these cheats out quickly, before cheating and corruption, deceiving and double crossing get official status as acceptable ways of living..!

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