Wheelie goes unchecked in city

Rawalpindi—One wheeling continued unchecked on various roads of the city particularly after Sahari as motor bikers, mostly teenagers were witnessed performing dangerous stunts and driving their motorcycles on one wheel on the busy roads of the city. The one-wheelers were seen involved in the dangerous activity on the roads near Ayub Park, Peshawar Road, Saddar, Murree Road and other areas especially during Ramazan nights and usually succeeded to dodge the police deployed on the roads.
These motor bikers not only endanger their own lives but also pose serious threats to others and also interrupt traffic flow, Aftab told APP.
The one wheeling by teenaged motorcyclists, risking their life and public as well, on busy roads of the city is continuing unchecked, he said.
Despite, all efforts being claimed by police to eliminate the activity, the trend of one-wheeling is increasing and growing at a very fast pace. These bikers do not take any precautionary measures like wearing helmet, elbow guards etc and come out on roads. These bikers run through the roads doing their one-wheeling thus putting their lives in danger.
Though, the traffic wardens were deployed on the city roads, but they were unable to save the citizens at the disposal of fun-loving teenagers who tend to break the traffic laws the way they want to.
The traffic authorities when contacted agreed that one wheel drive is posing a serious challenge to Rawalpindi city traffic police. “It is a serious problem and several accidents have been reported to us. We are working to adopt counter measures but it has to be realized that escaping on motorbikes is much easier as compare to cars or other vehicles,” stated a senior traffic police officer.—APP

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