Whatsapp is about to make your life a LOT easier with exciting new update


Communication app rolls out new feature that could change the way you receive messages forever

HAVE you ever been running late and trying to get out the front door while your WhatsApp keeps pinging?

The tech company has added a new speakerphone feature which means you can listen to your group messages while you’re on the go.

The new addition isn’t specifically for that purpose, but it could change the lives of the time-challenged across the world.

It will appear on Apple phones, and it’s Siri who will be reading your messages for you.

To turn it on, simply activate the feature in WhatsApp’s settings menu and request that Siri read the latest message with the usual “Hey Siri” command.

You’ll need to be running iOS 10.3 for it to work.

It’s not clear when this will be available with Google’s voice assistant on Android smartphones.

Many are still holding out for the day when WhatsApp will let us recall our embarrassing messages which we’ve sent by accident (or regret the morning after).

But several leaks suggest that we might be able to delete messages AFTER they have sent.

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