What’s wrong with black?

Some years ago while shopping in Spain for hair dye, the sales girl asked me, “Negro?” I told her, “No, I’m Indian!” She laughed and pointed to the dye bottle where in big letters was written, ‘Negro’ I had forgotten that negro meant black colour in Spanish!
And then another time in America, I was told never to ask for ‘Negro Spirituals songs.’ ‘But I love Negro Spirituals,’ I protested. ‘I love singing them and I love listening to them.’ ‘Yeah, but just call them ‘spirituals’ and don’t use the word ‘negro,’ I was told. Well, well, well! In Spain, negro was used everywhere, but in America, the negroes had become sensitive to it.
Now I believe they’re even sensitive to being called ‘blacks,’ and want to be referred to as African- Americans, whereas the whites are quite happy being called whites.
What’s wrong in blacks being called black? I was told it’s a derogatory term. Aha! Derogatory by whom? The whites of course. So just stop being sensitive about it and be proud to be a black. I remember once near Central Park in New York, a little boy came cycling near me and shouted ‘Indian?”
“Yes,” I said, “I’m Indian.” His mother and her friends who were nearby thinking their little son was being attacked by a foreigner, closed round me. “I’m an Indian,” I said,” and mighty proud to be one.”
“You speak good English,” said one of them. “Most Indians do,” I said and walked off with my nose in the air. I had a choice that day, of being insulted by the way the child said the word ‘Indian’ or by raising the Indian in me to greater heights. I know that group of young mothers went back with a plenty of respect for India that evening.
And what about blind men? You want to be called visually impaired? You don’t want to be called ‘blind’? You want to be called ‘Visually impaired!” Why? You cannot see, but you can read, you can do the work of a seeing man, and even better. You have better intuition and can see farther into people’s minds and hearts then all those who have eyes but are sightless. So what if you are blind, be proud of it.
Years ago someone told me, how he was always called ‘fatty’ by a particular girl. “What did you do?” I asked. “Well whenever she came upto me and said, “Hi fatty,’ I just smiled and replied, ‘Hi skinny..!’ She stopped. People will stop feeling superior when you and I feel good about ourselves, however we are! I remember a song I used to sing as a kid: Red and yellow, black and white, All are precious in His sight. God loves all the people of the world.. If God doesn’t care how you are, why should you?
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