What you want to be in future?

Sobea Tabassum

URDU teacher asked the fifth grade students to write an essay, titled, “What do you want to be in the future?” A student wrote that he wanted to become a doctor when he grows up. Engineer another student write his desire. Some wrote pop singer and other desired to become a pilot. While teacher was reading the answers of the student, his eyes stuck on an essay written by a student in same class. That student wrote that he wanted to become a TV when he will grow up. The teacher was shocked to read the answer and told the student that TV is not a living body. Why do you want to become TV when you grow up? The teacher started reading the full essay written by that unique student and was surprised by what the student wrote in the essay?
“My name is A to Z I am the youngest in home and alone too because my family members are quite busy in their daily routine and they neither noticed nor felt my loneliness. The very next day after hectic routine of final papers, I was sitting on sofa in TV lounge in early morning. My mother entered with a cup of tea and sat nearby me, hold remote and started her day with TV. She is much interested in watching morning shows that airs every morning. She learns about, health and care, beauty and fashion, recipes of delicious food or to know about the modern dressing, new rituals about marriage ceremonies or how to take care of children or to know home remedies and to know the opinion of specialist from different thoughts and profession, morning shows providing all kinds of information to my mother.
My heart wishes, my mother cooks those delicious dishes for me that she use to watch on T.V with full interest and also try to understand my psychology by following the expert opinion on children mental health and care. Show ended after three hours and I wished my mother noticed me once. I became hopeless when she left the room by dialing number of a friend for evening kitty party. I was still sitting and Surfing the channels when my elder sister came back from university, dropped her bag and snatched TV remote from me because her drama was on air. It is a favorite hobby of my sister to watch dramas and movies on T.V and discuss those drama and movie story’s characters with friend over the phone for a long time as a never ending debate ignoring her surroundings.
Another glimpse of my busy family is my elder brother. Of course his favorite hobby is of watching sports all the time after coming back from work place not even bothering to tell mum about the food. I wish, if my brother would play some games with me, but he always ignores me consider me younger. Lastly, here comes my father with his keen interest in watching talk shows. During the transmission of talk shows, no one is allowed to interrupt him and if someone does, the result is unpleasant. I wished for a dinning with family but my mother left for the party, sister was busy with her gossips, brother with sports and father concerned more with the social issues. My maid asked me what I want; replied nothing and left the lounge with a thought, I would be a TV rather than A to Z. So, my family can hear and love me”.
It is requested to all parents, brothers and sisters, never ignore your younger son, daughter, brother or sister. In their activities, participate and appreciate them, they need you. Provide them activities to polish their hidden skills. We as elders should provide quality time to children so they can be safe from the effects of excessive use of modern era of technology. This is not the story of one family. Technology has brought the world together and save a lot of time. It has taken this advantage and has made man coward to do one thing alone without sharing even with family.
Family values are badly affected and making everyone captivated of the advanced technology. T.V is the simplest example of daily life which a child can observe and this observational learning affects that child leaving the societies to the level of frustration. Loneliness leads the child to the juvenile behaviour which is the basic problem of life created by technology. Technology has bridged the gap of different homes, lands and states make the life easier on one side but it has increased the gap of communication people living at one place. In the globalised world, everything must be appreciated to use, but for the sake of good as “excess of everything is bad.”
— The writer is Lecturer International Relations, Preston University, Islamabad.
Email: sobia.tabbasum@preston.edu.pk

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