What Naela Qadri is doing in India?

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Mohammad Jamil

IN a recent interview during her visit to India Naela Qadri — non-Baloch and self-styled President of World Baloch Women’s Forum stated that Balcoh activists want to form “Azad Balochistan Government in Exile”. She added that they want India, Afghanistan and SAARC countries to support the above government. She also thanked Prime Minister Narindera Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, Indian people and media for their support. But even Baloch dissidents do not own her and do not own her as their representative. Hamdan Baloch of Baloch Republican Student Organization lashed out at Naela Qadri on issuing statement regarding formation of government in exile and stated that no single person can speak on behalf of Baloch people. He condemned any move to form Government in Exile, and that BRP will do nothing without taking Government of India into confidence.
She also announced that she will hold a conference for Baloch people to express solidarity with their brethren across the border on 29 October at All India Institute of Local Self Government Sthanjkraj Bhavan Juhu Gali, Coordinator Andheri (W), Mumbai, India. Shri Ramdas Athawale, Union Minister for Social Justice, Naela Quadri and Mazdak Baloch Son of Naila Qadri would be the participants of the conference. Orya Maqbool Jan, retired civil servant and now a renowned analyst in his TV program (harf-e-raz) stated that Naela Quadri is daughter of Syed Ahmed Mohibullah Qadri who migrated from Hyderabad. According to a report published in the Times of India in May 2016, Naela Quadri was conducting a countrywide visit of India for “mobilising Indians to do what prime minister Indira Gandhi did in East Pakistan in 1971 and liberate Balochistan from Pakistan, the way Bangladesh was”.
In May 2016, she had then given an interview to Times of India and distorted the history accusing that Pakistan of having ‘seized’ Balochistan. It is abundantly clear from her conjectures and lies that she speaks RAW’s language. It was apparently a response to the arrest of RAW terrorist and spy Kulbushan Yadav. Earlier, she was in Chahbahar having contacts with the Indian consulates in Iran and Afghanistan and working as per Indian designs. The question is what Naela Quadri Baloch has been doing in India? Apart from promoting cause of the leaders of banned Baloch organizations, she appears to be a liaison between Indian RAW and the Baloch dissidents, and she is conduit for providing funds to them and also those who are in self-exile. She had denied having any information about Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent Kulbhushan Yadav, whom Pakistan claimed to have arrested from Balochistan.
“It’s a lie, we don’t know from where they have arrested him (Kulbhushan Yadav), and they’re showing that he was arrested in Pakistan,” she said. Anyhow, in her interview, she had passed derogatory remarks against founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam. But what one can expect from the traitors and alien agents. She had added: “It is freedom struggle; we were occupied by Pakistan on March 27, 1948 and ever since we have been fighting against Pakistan to free ourselves. Balochistan was always an independent country, and was never part of British India or any other country. Sometime back, Waseem Altaf, another supporter of Baloch dissidents, had written an article under the title ‘Accession at gunpoint’, which was carried among others by Viewpoint Online. As the title suggested the author believed that Balochistan’s accession was sought by Pakistan under duress.
The treatise was an amalgam of facts and fiction, but informative in many ways. He wrote: “During British Raj Balochistan did not enjoy the status of a province but comprised four princely states namely: Makran, Kharan, Lasbela and Kalat,” which is in contradiction to Naela Quadri’s conjectures. It is an established fact that the northern areas of Balochistan including Bolan Pass, Quetta, Nushki and Naseerabad were leased out to Britain, which were later named as British Balochistan. There are many myths about Balochistan and the one of them is that Balochistan was never part of undivided India. Secondly, that it had a special status vis-à-vis other princely states of undivided India. At the time of partition of India, Viceroy Lord Mountbatten addressing the Darbar of princely states had declared that suzerainty of the Crown had ended, and advised them to joint India or Pakistan.
Though in the Partition Plan of 3rd June 1947, the principle of the division of the subcontinent was laid down that Muslim majority areas were to become Pakistan and Hindu majority areas would form India, yet Lord Mountbatten ignored this principle with regard to accession of many Princely States especially Kashmir. Anyhow, Naela Baloch is bent upon distorting history of Balochistan. Her another lie and ruse was that she grossly exaggerated the figures of missing persons as 25000, whereas according to the Commission’s report the figure was 621. Most of these purported missing persons had reportedly links with different terrorist organizations, and due to fear of being arrested moved to far-flung areas of KP/Balochistan. Some unarguably shifted to Afghanistan and other countries to permanently settle there. Most of them are not in contact with their families, who perceive them as missing persons under the custody of intelligence agencies.
—The writer is a senior journalist based in Lahore.

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