What is going on?

Fahad Anwar

Political alliances, blame game, abusive talks, using bad names, someone is saying you are corrupt, the other person says ‘no’! you are corrupt. Someone says if I would have been killed, that person would be responsible. Heads are being joined against one party. Someone wants evaluation, someone wants retaliation law, and someone wants salvation.
Who wants nation’s welfare and prosperity? Country is facing problems of terrorism, inflation, unemployment, starving and poverty, people are committing suicides, agents of the enemies are free to work, borders are not safe, heads have been joined to destroy your economic plans – in these circumstances, all political parties, establishment, civil society, judiciary should unite on one platform to get trust of people. But everybody withdraws from the company of the other with overweening pride.
Everybody takes care of his interest. Helpless people are playing a role of spectator; they cannot do anything for themselves. But people have now become mature; it is impossible to ignore them any more.
— Karachi

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