What Brathwaite saw..!

Many of us witnessed the incredible win of the West Indies. What were our thoughts when we saw that in the last over, the West Indies batsmen had to make nineteen runs to win?
According to data available most everybody thought it was impossible. England won! West Indies Defeated! Good try, but alas what a wasted effort! These were some of the exclamations and titles newspaper sports writers had already coined as they began to write their sports stories. I wonder though what Brathwaite thought as he looked at the scoreboard and saw he had to hit nineteen runs to win.
Did he shake his head, smile at his partner at the other end of the pitch and tell him it was an impossible task? His partner walked up to him, and told him to just take a single and that he Samuels would try and hit the impossible. Even his partner didn’t believe he was capable of winning the match. But he did! He hit four successive sixes, and made history!
When all the others, the spectators, his opponents, his team and even his partner saw the impossible he saw the positive; in his mind’s eye, he felt his bat cracking four balls over the boundary. He heard the joyous roar of the crowd, even before the magical shots were struck!
Brathwaite had seen the positive before: Five years ago, his beloved mother Joycelyn had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It seemed the whole world would come crashing round him, because he was very close to his mother, but according to Carlos Brathwaite, he says, “I prefer to look at my mum beat cancer as opposed to her having cancer!” He saw his mother, a winner!
And that was exactly his view as he looked at the impossible, as he raised his bat, faced a formidable Ben Stokes the English bowler, and hit not one, not two, not three but four incredible sixes! He did the impossible because he saw the possible. This isn’t about cricket, it’s about life! This isn’t about Brathwaite alone it’s for all of us!
We all face formidable challenges every day; sometimes we think it’s over. If you had seen the faces of his teammates in the stands, there was despair, dejection. Some looked like they were going to burst into tears. Not Carlos Brathwaite: He knew that in a few moments he would hold his head high, and roar into the air, with a cry of victory. He did, and you can..!

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