What Azaadi means

Kashmir issue has taken a central stage in the bi-lateral relations between Pakistan and India. Political point scoring by the two states as the Kashmir issue has been made such an imperative piece of their national minds that these announcements satisfy their jingoistic cravings. There are attempts by Pakistan to show to the world that the Kashmir issue is fuelled by local grievances for which India is responsible. However, India is endeavouring to shut all data leaving valley and attempting to pin fault on periphery gatherings which according to India have support from inside Pakistan.
Nonetheless, in the midst of this diplomatic wrangling, the voice of Kashmiris is notably absent and this is the part which needs to be worked on to give justice to them. Interestingly the resolution of Kashmir dispute lacks solid blueprint. For them starting from Dogra rule struggle hasn’t ended and it will not unless they are given rights as free citizens enjoy. Hence this struggle shouldn’t be made merely a territorial dispute but the lives of people be made better through settlement aimed at resolving the issue.

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