West’s mal-administration

The election-related violence and the wave of terror attacks in Pakistan are all horrific stories. First, how come many groups like the people, the administration and the countries especially from the West have long been remaining matter-of-fact [showing no emotion] towards the terror attacks and the killings of the innocent in the regions like Pakistan?
I still remember how the entire world, the East or the West had reacted to the September 11 attacks in 2001. The people and the countries around the world had been terribly shattered by the 9/11 attacks then. As a young college student in 2001 in my native town of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, I was heartbroken about the sad news and had started posting my views on the terror attacks online. During my college years like 1998 and my initial professional years like 2006, 2007, the western big machinery like the UN often reacted to many untoward incidents like terrorism and nature’s fury and helped the needy and the affected countries in the East.
But now there is a complete paradigm shift in the world order, especially in relation to how the West is functioning and reacting to the countries in the East like Asian region. To neutralise this huge gap and plug the loopholes in the system, great understanding and undisputed cooperation between the West and the East are badly needed. There are many beautiful Asian countries, especially the resourceful countries like Pakistan should be saved from the bad ideas like political or military arm-twisting and the clutches of terror menace – this being one serious example. The media and the countries in Asia should do something serious to hear their voice in the West in the best interests of all.
Maharashtra, India

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