Western forces presenting Islam as terrorist religion: Rabbani

Tariq Saeed


Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani Thursday cautioned the Muslim Ummah against the conspiracies being hatched by the Western countries which, he said, have teamed up to present Islam as a terrorist religion of the world.
“Western countries are working to bring majority Muslim states down and portraying Islam as a religion that promotes terrorism and this is most unfortunate that they are succeeding in their designs,” Mian Raza Rabbani lamented while addressing the centenary celebrations of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F at Azakhel some thirty kilometers from here on Saturday.
The grand convention that was kicked off on Friday, it may be recalled was also addressed by the Imam-e-Ka’ba Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Ibrahim, Saudi religious affairs minister Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh. The religious scholars from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East and other countries are taking part in the convention.
The Chairman Senate strongly condemned US strike on Syria and asked the government to call a joint Parliament session and hold consultations regarding Pakistan’s stance on the matter. “The government’s stance should be in line with the country’s interests. The government should present its stance in the United Nations after holding consultations,” Rabbani said. He maintained that conspiracies against Islam have been carried out through master scheme, adding that, Islam is being presented as terrorist religion in the world.
“Western forces want to create chaos and infighting between Muslim countries,” he said and urged the convention to send a clear message to the world that Muslims are united and they will defeat every conspiracy against them.
Raza Rabbani acknowledged that the centenary celebrations convention being held under the auspices of JUI bore great importance in the wake of internal and external conditions facing the country.
Leader of opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah, addressing the convention, said that Pakistan was the fortress of Islam. He said that it was the responsibility of the all the political forces of Pakistan to come up with solutions for challenges faced by the Islamic world adding the Muslim Ummah was required to forge complete unity in its ranks to frustrate the nefarious designs of the forces conspiring against the Islam.

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