West vs Russia

IN recent days, relations between Russia and the Western bloc led by the US and the UK have touched the lowest ebb and to an extent that now comparisons are being drawn of the present day tension to the bitter ideological and military rivalry that existed between the Soviet Union and the West from the 1950s to the end of the 1990s.
The standoff actually started with the poisoning of a Russian former spy and his daughter in England with both sides accusing each other for the incident, and this pushed both the sides to expel diplomats. The US has expelled about sixty Russian diplomats along with closing Moscow’s consulate in Seattle, while Russia reciprocated by sending back sixty Americans and ordering the closure of the US consulate in St Petersburg. About one hundred and fifty Russian diplomats have also been ousted from 29 other countries. In the latest development, Russia has also asked Britain to cut just over fifty percent more of its diplomatic and technical staff in Moscow. Commenting on the current situation, the UN General Secretary said that the situation resembles what we lived during the Cold War. The current row over the spy’s poisoning needs to be seen and analysed in the right perspective. In our view the differing positions Russia has taken on a number of matters such as the Syrian conflict, the Iranian nuclear programme besides efforts by President Vladimir Putin to regain the country’s old position are something that has not been taken well by the imperialist western countries. Headed by the US, the bloc in fact is making all efforts to contain both China and Russia but we understand such efforts will no longer succeed. Instead of pushing the already volatile world again to the era of Cold War, the West needs to review its policy and refrain from steps that further deteriorate their relations with Russia. Any tension between the two sides will not bode well for the whole world. We, therefore, will urge the UN Secretary General to intervene and play the role of a mediator to calm down the situation between the two sides.

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