Wellbeing is children’s right

Staff Reporter

Aids Control programme Manager, Ministry of National health Services, Dr. Baseer Khan Achakzai, has said One of the most important rights of young children which guarantees their survival and wellbeing throughout life and that is breastfeeding. He addressing breastfeeding seminar on Tuesday.
Dr. Baseer Said World Health Assembly under UN has also set targets to improve breastfeeding and Government of Pakistan has also committed to adhere to these global targets set in 69th World Health Assembly.
Government of Pakistan and Ministry of NHSR&C is cognizant of the fact and the need thereof in this respect. In 2002 necessary legislation for protection and promotion of breast feeding was made through “The protection of breast-feeding and child nutrition ordinance, 2002” and in 2009 the breast feeding rules were also formulated and endorsed by the Health Ministry. However enforcement of these rules still remains a challenge. It is heartening to note that Federal and Provincial Infant feeding boards are also active now and Infant &Young Child feeding strategy 2016 has also been approved by my ministry.

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