A welcome move by US

AT long last, the United States has started moving towards addressing some of the core concerns of Pakistan as far as the fight against the menace of terrorism and extremism is concerned. The US Department of Justice has placed head-money on top three Pakistani militant commanders – Mullah Fazlullah, Abdul Wali aka Omar Khalid Khurasani and Mangal Bagh. Also, Pakistani Taliban on Friday confirmed the loss of their 21 members in a rare US drone strike on their alleged training facility in Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province near the border with Pakistan’s Mohmand Agency. The killed in the missile strike also included 16-year-old Abdullah, the elder son of Mullah Fazlullah Khurasani.
Mullah Fazlullah, a fugitive from Swat, and many other militants currently enjoying Afghan hospitality, are blamed for a number of terrorist attacks inside Pakistan and that is why Pakistan has been urging both the United States and the Afghan Government either to take action against them or expel them from safe havens. Pakistan also provided concrete evidence to the other side but it took years for the US to take this right step. The United States has been accusing Pakistan of making distinction between terrorist groups while carrying out military operations – a reference to Haqqani Network – but Washington itself ignored terrorist outfits that posed threat to Pakistan and concentrated only on those that attacked its interests. This was the major irritant in bilateral ties and also a big hurdle in the way of complete success in the war on terror. It, therefore, augurs well that the United States has placed head-money on three militants which might lead to their ultimate arrest or decimation. But going by the fact that anti-Pakistan militants were being pampered by RAW and the Afghan Directorate of National Security, it should not be difficult for the United States to locate, pinpoint and target these killers of the humanity. Action against these groups would mean reduction in terrorist activities in Pakistan and this would spare energies of Pakistan armed forces to focus more on other groups. Such an approach by the United States would also help improve its perception in the eyes of people of Pakistan.

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