Welcome ceasefire at Torkham

The reports about ceasefire between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Torkham were instantly welcomed by people of Pakistan as no one wanted tension to escalate with the brotherly country; but confusion remained about agreement on ceasefire following controversial statement of Afghan ambassador denying agreeing to ceasefire and resorting again by Afghan forces to firing that resulted into injuries to two soldiers.
Irrespective of Afghan motivation behind unprovoked firing on Pakistan side and attempts to prevent Pakistan from constructing a gate on its side of the border to regulate cross border movement, the fact remains that the two countries are bound in historic relations and even blood relationship and they cannot afford strains in their ties. Apart from brotherly relationship they are also next-door neighbours and have no option but to live in harmony for the mutual good. We are sure that majority of Afghans also do not want any disruption in ties and this was also evident from the resolution adopted by Afghan Parliament on Wednesday urging resolution of the issue through peaceful means. It is somewhat intriguing as to how the Afghan government considers construction of a gate at Torkham as a hostile act when the facility is well inside Pakistani territory and the country has every right to take steps to regulate movements on the border. But uneasiness of some elements in Kabul becomes understandable following disclosure of Pakistan Army spokesman that agents of Afghan intelligence agency NDS used to cross into Pakistan from Torkham and so the border management does not fit well in their scheme of things. We believe that there must not be escalation of tension on Pak-Afghan border but the authorities concerned should make no compromise on their plans to ensure border management in view of known infiltration across the border as nothing is more important than security of Pakistan.

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