Weeding out corruption

Vinod C Dixit
Ahmedabad, India

This refers to the letter “Say no to Corruption” by Ume Javeria (PO- Dec 22). Corruption has become such an integral part of our day today life that it has become very difficult to eradicate it. Today, we wish to have more luxuries and more comfort even at the cost of our integrity and moral values. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. Good governance cannot function unless and until the government itself is firmly committed to the task of the weeding out dishonest and corrupt officials, irrespective of rank and status. Integrity plays an important role in any organisation. Without dedicated and honest employees, an organisation cannot improve upon its performance and achieve all round growth. We should do our best with full devotion, honesty and integrity. Time has come to improve our system, make transparent policies for good governance in public administration and sincerely and effectively implement them.

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