We can do better on social media

Thanks to Skardu’s Shabir Hussain who backtracked us to the real road of social media which sadly does not seem to care much about decency as election campaigns pick momentum. The guy was travelling from Islamabad to Skardu and in the mid of his journey he lost his bag which contained important documents. In the video he reacted just the way any responsible person would have reacted on his rare act of irresponsibility; especially when inside bag lay your academic documents and medical record of your father. He was in tears. Luckily for him the video message moved fellow countrymen, including DGISPR and words went viral. His efforts bore fruit. Next thing we saw was Shabir with his red bag.
It would be unfair of us not to admit the contribution of social media in the empowerment of common man; for him it is often the first and last option. Shabir could go to police but he rather chose social media over police. We all know how many days he would have miserably waited with little to no hope had he sought the help of police. But the sad part is despite being conscious of its efficiency; we are still not making the most of social media. A vast majority among us sees it a platform to defend viewpoint of the political party he like and that’s about it.
The cry therefore is a simple one. There are so many gaps that can be bridged by this very tool. True, social media has taken the central stage with regard to pushing our piles of problems to higher authorities of the state. Its hegemony over the rest of like-medium platforms is beyond doubt; at least in Pakistan. But if we keep the incident of Shabir Hussain’s lost bag on one side and the ongoing mudslinging of supporters dedicated to different parties on social media on the other, it will be conclusive enough that we can still do better.
Mithi, Tharparkar

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