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Zahid Malik

Thursday, May 28, 2015 – Abdullah Shah, who remained Chief Minister of Sindh between October 21,1993 and November, 1996 hosted a lunch for the Editors at the CM House, which was also attended by this scribe. While dilating upon the subject of a wave of blasts in Karachi during those days, the then Chief Executive of the Province made some off the record startling revelations about involvement of the Indian spy agency RAW in those terrorist incidents. As per professional norms, off-the-record conversation is not made public, but I think time has come that this principle, or a part of it, may be held in abeyance for a while and as wisdom has dawned and now there is realization among all concerned in Pakistan that RAW has recently accelerated the implementation of its long drawn plan to de-stabilize Pakistan, at least one revelation of Abdullah Shah may be made public.

Narrating how the traces of a terror blast were linked to the RAW, the then CM Sindh said that a white Toyota used in an attack in Karachi when chased by police was found parked in the residential porch of the then Counsel General of India in the city. According to Abdullah Shah, the Counsel General, who happened to be his friend, was invited for a dinner and during the course of informal chat at the pre-dinner session, he rather proudly claimed the responsibility for blasts saying “this is part ofthe assignment given to him by New Delhi.”

The above is just one example to establish that RAW which after successive years of systematic poisoning the minds and souls of the Bengalis in East Pakistan, played a critical role in dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and is now engaged heavily in Pakistan by its developed network across the country to destabilize Pakistan.

According to Mr. Owais Ghani, former Governor of Balochistan and then of K.P. once told me in Quetta. “All bullets that are sprayed in the chests of innocent people come from India via Afghanistan”. I also remember that a Corps Commander showed me the proofs of Indian hand in acts of sabotage and terrorism in Pakistan. When asked, “why don’t you show allthis on TV screens”?, he said, “Our responsibility ends when we bring these proofs to the notice of Islamabad.”

The question arises as to why, all of a sudden, the enemies of Pakistan have geared up their activities? There are two major developments totally unacceptable to them: (1) A Pakistan laced with nuclear weapons and complete mastery over missile technology and now (2) The launching of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The enemies of Pakistan are finding it difficult to accept Pakistan with its impregnable defence and now it being all set to turn into a fast track economy and a principal player in this part of the world. Nuclear blasts on 28th May 1998 made Pakistan’s defence and security invincible and now CPEC, which is rightly being described as a game changer, would turn Pakistan into an economic power to be reckoned with in foreseeable future. Hence well-orchestrated campaign to destabilize Pakistan and derail the CPEC.

Before I suggest what to do at this point of time, and how we as a nation, can thwart the nefarious designs of the enemy, I have reasons to say categorically that: (1) No one in any way can cause harm to Pakistan’s nuclear and Missile assets which are safe in all respects under an unpenetratable multi-layer most advanced security system of the Strategic Plans Division, SPD. Pakistan would also continue to make further advancements and (2) CPEC would surely emerge on the landscape of Pakistan because the gigantic project with limitless economic and geo-strategic gains, has the full backing of Pakistan Army, which is raising a dedicated 10,000 strong Special Security Division to provide protection to Chinese nationals and projects to be undertaken under the umbrella of the Corridor. More important than that, China has already taken a big plunge in Pakistan and a plunge cannot be rolled back. The Chinese government and its political leadership, after a lot of home work, has set in motion all relevant departments, corporations and banks etc to go ahead and play their respective role in putting on ground the CPEC. Remember, and history is a witness, that the words ‘roll back’ or ‘failure’ are not in Chinese dictionary. It means that come what may conspiracies cannot put Pakistan on the back foot now on this project.

But even then in my opinion, all segments of society whole heartedly have to join General Raheel Sharif-led war against terrorists and those working for foreign countries particularly India who has come out with a ridiculous idea to use the weapon of terrorism to blunt the terrorism. History is testimony to the fact that terrorism gives birth to more terrorism. Please remember we are in a state of war and this non-traditional war can only be won through collective struggle. Pakistan is standing at the cross-roads of a multitude of opportunities, which can be exploited through combined strength of the nation. Each and every citizen of the country must make his or her contribution to help expeditiously accomplish what Pakistan Army is engaged in FATA, Rangers in Karachi and FC in Balochistan. Luckily, the political leadership on the whole is on board and very supportive of the war against terror and other elements for the safety and security of future generations of Pakistan. The required level of commitment and support of every one must be visible because it is not the question of Mian Nawaz Sharif-led government but the survival of the State of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

I may also warn that those political outfits who knowingly or unknowingly advance the foreign agenda to choke the CPEC, economic jugular vein of Pakistan, they would be digging their own graves. They should well-remember that it is not 1990s; it is 2015. Not only the political parties but other segments of society including Media and generally speaking every individual who realizes and fully comprehends the gravity of the situation, should contribute a bit for foiling designs of our enemies.

May I also propose that while now there is clarity in the minds of all Pakistanis about the involvement of foreign hands in acts of terrorism, yet to take the international community along, Islamabad based Ambassadors be invited either at the Prime Minister House or ISI headquarters to brief them by DG ISI Gen. Rizwan Akhtar threadbare with substantial evidence about involvement of RAW in acts of terrorism and destabilization and to expose the double face of the detractors who blame Pakistani agencies’ involvement in every untoward incident in their country without investigation and proof to bring a bad name to Pakistan. Such a briefing will create a favourable opinion world over for Pakistan and its ongoing struggle against terrorism and for peace, security, stability and prosperity.

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