We all live in fear

Generally, all the people of the world have a very long list of fears ~ of losing what we already have at present, like our own life, our near and dear ones, jobs, savings, property, health, youth, beauty, fame, reputation and so on. There is another list consisting of our fears for the future that we may not be able to achieve in proportion to our ambitions, efforts and expectations. With the advancement of our age, the length of the second list gets shorter and the first one bigger.
Also, there is a third list that contains our phobias ~ from claustrophobia (morbid dread of close spaces) to agoraphobia (morbid dread of open spaces), from aquaphobia (morbid dread of water) to pyrophobia (morbid dread of fire) and from astraphobia (morbid dread of lighting) to nyctophobia (morbid dread of darkness). It is difficult for us to select just one item as our worst fear. But what we need only to fear is the fear itself because it only makes the matter worse in crisis situations. Is there any exact location of fear? Sri Aurobindo said, “Really speaking, fear is in the vital being. When you have thrown it away from your mind and other parts of your being you can see it still passing through you, below the navel. There is a connection between fear and your intestines.” Interestingly, to have butterflies in someone’s stomach means that someone has nervous feelings. Indeed, fear causes bowel disorder.
To overcome fear and to become free, we are to realize what Sri Aurobindo had once said, “Infinite, we are free from death; for life then becomes a play of our immortal existence. We are free from weakness; for we are the whole sea enjoying the myriad shock of its waves. We are free from grief and pain; for we learn how to harmonise our being with all that touches it and to find in all things action and reaction of the delight of existence.”

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