We all are beggars!

Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the public to a very grave problem of our society. In bazaars, courts, railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, we come across flocks of beggars. They attack us like sharks. They are so brazen-faced that they do not leave us unless we pay them a few coins. The beggars of our country are very sharp. They read the faces perfectly well. They know the psychology of the people.
They also know the art of exploiting the situation. They trap their victims by using different means. This profession has established itself as an industry in our country. The beggars that we see are just their tools. The mafia that is behind them is very strong. Government machinery is helpless before this chain.
As a nation, we have lost the distinction between right and wrong. We are in the habit of finding shortcuts. We avoid hard work. The result is that every one of us wants to have his way to the destination without labour. A great number of the people have stooped to begging.
When the Westerners say that the Pakistanis are a nation of beggars, they are not totally unjustified. From top to bottom, a vast majority of us are beggars. When we give up self-respect, the others will degrade us whenever they find an opportunity. Begging is a foul act. We must discourage it. When we give alms to the beggars, we actually promote begging. The more we promote this evil, the more the beggars will grow. The simple method of putting an end to this evil is that we should not pay any attention to them.

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