Water wastage

Shahryar Khan Baseer

Water is a blessing of God and it should not be wasted, especially in Pakistan, where water supply is facing shortages in many areas. But if one visits the local mosque anywhere in Pakistan, for washing, in preparation for prayers, they will notice that most of the water faucets are broken and leaky. And the ones that are working operate under extra pressure, wasting most of the water.
The reason is because most mosques are operated on charity, and the management of the mosques is not able to afford to fix or replace broken faucets. And since water wastage is not highlighted in the media, for them fixing water faucets is not a priority. There is also no check on the washing areas or any guidelines for them to follow. To help save water in Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan should task one organisation to check and fix the water faucets at all the mosques. An online application can be launched that allows mosque users to report broken faucets to the authorities. The relevant authorities should visit the mosque and record all details.
They would install new faucets that are either on low flow or have spray setting to reduce water wastage. The team would also fix any other water related issues at the mosque. In the end a report would be sent to the person who reported and he should be asked to check and report quality of work via the mobile application, to reduce corruption and incompetent work.

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