Water shortage in Karachi

Adnan Dost
Via Email

It is a naturally fact that water is very essential for every living thing and without water we cannot able to live our life even for a few days. Water is the second most important basic need of human beings. However, water shortage problem in Karachi has aggravated and no one at the helm of affairs seems to pay any heed to the acute water crisis. It is our bad luck that in our city many areas are facing many problems due to the shortage of water. The main problem is that the supply of water here is just for some hours for which we cannot able to save water even for a few days.
Residents of this locality have no choice but to surrender to the tanker mafia and buy water tankers at extortionate prices. On the other side, the poor people they are not rich enough to buy expensive water. I request the water board authorities to look into the matter and take appropriate steps to ease the situation.

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