Water shortage, forest cutting, leading to deforestation

Deforestation has increased in past few years due to lack of fertile land, cutting of tree, water shortage and climate change for which number of steps were needed to be taken for protecting the national asset for the generations to come.
Pakistan is among the top ten countries most affected by water shortage and it is national obligation of every citizen to contribute his share to help increase the forest cover of our country, ‘one tree at a time’ said Maryam Inam Media Communication officer here Monday.
She also said that Pakistan is a forest deficient country having 4.224 million hectares’ area (around 5 percent of its total area) under forest cover. Further she said the province wise breakup of forest area is1.684 million hectares in KP, 0.666 million hectare in GB, 0.608 million hectare in Punjab, 0.592 million hectare in Balochsitan,0.399 million hectare in Sindh and0.275 million hectares in AJK .
She also highlighted that these forests, though limited in extent, form unique and diverse ecological systems providing timber, fuel wood and a variety of Non Timber Forest Products such as medicinal and aromatic plants, resin, wild fruits and berries. In addition to these products our forests also provide environmental and ecological services such as carbon sequestration, water regulation, fertility regulation and biodiversity.—APP

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