Water crisis in Sindh

Safe water is a fundamental human need. Polluted water isn’t just dirty – it is deadly also. Universal access to clean water is a basic human right but remains inaccessible to the majority of people in Pakistan. The people of the province of Sindh, Pakistan’s second largest province by population after Punjab, are facing the worst form of water pollution and shortage. The total population of Sindh is estimated at 30 million and approximately 1250 million gallons of water is required to meet the needs of the people. Unfortunately not even half of the total amount of water can be safely considered to be consumed. It is appalling to hear that many districts of Sindh including certain Districts of Karachi have had water tested as unfit for human consumption. A majority of people die from many waterborne diseases every year caused by exposure to and consumption of polluted water. I thereby request the concerned municipal and health authorities to kindly and seriously investigate the issue at hand. Let not anyone escape from their fundamental responsibility to the people of the Sindh province.
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