Watching a beheading..!

LATELY, I’ve been watching a serial on the lusty King Henry the Eighth and his six wives, and how easily he chopped off the heads of some of them, and many of his friends, who he got suspicious about. What fascinated me were the crowds that gathered, especially the common man and his family to attend a beheading!
They came for two reasons, one for entertainment and secondly and more importantly, because they loved seeing the rich and famous brought to dust. They had seen these same people in their carriages looking down at them, and beheading was when they could level with these same snobs!
It was a time they could laugh and mock those on stage as they walked to the block of wood where they rested their heads in dread before the designated chopper did his job. All this took place in the sixteenth century, but feelings haven’t changed: The best entertainment for the poor is a beheading of the rich! Watch when an accident takes place!
Even if the victim of the accident, is squirming in pain, even when he desperately needs to be taken to hospital, the crowd is so busy beating up the owner of the car that many a time the accident victim groans, “I’m dying, help me!” But people are busy delivering their blows on the driver, because it’s not justice the crowd wants, it’s about getting even and the opportunity to level the score.
Vijay Malya watches in astonishment from England as common man in India bays for his blood. “But,” thinks, past king of good times, “I gave them pretty airhostesses, I gave them good beer, why are they after me?” “Well sir, that’s what happened at beheading five hundred years back in very Merry England you have run to, poor love a beheading! And a beheading is what they want to see from you!”
I have reasons to believe that the success of demonitisation was the same: The poor stood in the burning sun, some fell because they were old or tired or hungry, some died, but all of them even as they suffered were told the rich were suffering even more.Today they actually believe they watched a beheading. They think the rich were dragged to the block of wood with their ill-gotten black money and swoosh, their money has disappeared and they are finished!
They laughed and grinned, sweating outside in the sun, watching in their imagination the beheading of the rich. Then they ran with the only item of value they possessed, their vote, and gave it to the man who had ordered their entertainment. Like Henry the Eighth, It’s just another movie, scripted, directed and produced brilliantly, with houseful shows..!

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