Watch cricket just for entertainment

Afreen Mirza

Hypocrisy is something we see a lot now days. Let’s prove this with the current scenario. People are accusing our men’s cricket team to go home and cook because our women team performed better than them. And I remember last time these same people were giving statements like “cricket is not for girls, girls are supposed to cook food and clean the houses”. So what happened to their views this time? Why is it that this time they are telling the boys to go home, sit back and watch our girls play the cricket. I know there are things which our men’s cricket team should really work hard on, but we can just not accuse them for losing intentionally, because giving comments while sitting here is the most easiest task but to stand on the pitch and to bear that pressure and then play is something really difficult. I am not saying that our cricket team is right and the people giving comments are wrong, I just want to say that when we are not aware of the facts we should better stay quiet than accusing someone for the deeds which they have not done. Getting hyper is not the solution; breaking television sets, burning the pictures of our players…Is this going to get us ICC world T20 2016 cricket cup? Obviously not! Then why do such things, why can’t we watch cricket as an entertainment and not create a matter of life and death out of it.

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