Waseem lambasted over dismal situation of affairs at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital


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Jamaat Islami Karachi chief, Hafiz Naeem Rehman has expressed grave concerns and sorrow over the dismal situation of affairs at the city government run Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.
The JI leader strictly criticized Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar for his blatant failure in managing the hospital, a statement said.
He was of the view that the issues being faced by tens of thousands of patients in the hospital put a question mark on the ability of the local government and the intents of the local representatives. He termed the situation as a matter of shame for the local government. He demanded of the mayor Karachi explain the reasons behind the dismal situation of the hospital. Instead of chanting the mantra of lack of powers, the city mayor should tell the citizens why the hospital has become a hub of problems when the city government enjoys complete authority and powers in connection with the its-own-run hospital.
He questioned that where does the mayor spend Rs27 billion budget of the local government? The hospital lacks medical equipment, medicines, and other facilities, he said.
The situation of cleanliness is also a question mark, he added. He also questions the mayor over prolonged delay in payments of salaries of the hospital staffers. Patients are forced to purchase each and everything from outside as the doctors, paramedical staff and others are running the hospital on almost self-help basis.
The situation has been unchanged since long despite several attempts to draw the attention of the local government on the issue. He alleged that the city government in general and the city mayor, in particular, are busy in photo sessions and lip services only and their attitude is evident that they have nothing to do with the issues of the city and the citizens.

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