‘War-like situation’, says AIIMS specialist on pellet injuries

Srinagar—A team of eye-specialists from All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi, which was rushed to Kashmir to assist the State Government in treating people injured due to pellets, on Thursday compared the magnitude of damage caused by the “lethal” weapon to a “war-like situation”.
The three-member team, headed by ophthalmologist Prof Sudarshan K Kumar, examined 60 patients with injuries in retina after its arrival from New Delhi.
“I haven’t seen such number of (pellet) injuries in recent years but in war-like situation you will get lot of injuries,” Prof Kumar expressed his views with authorities of SMHS hospital after examining the patients.
The hospital has received 123 patients including minors and teenagers with pellet injuries to their eye(s), mostly from south Kashmir.
While 102 such patients have been operated upon at the SMHS hospital in the past six days, five of them, according to doctors, have completely lost one of their eyes.
The doctors fear most of the patients with damage to their retina would lose the vision in the eye (s) damaged by the pellets which are now frequently used by the forces as a means to quell the protests.
Giving details about the nature of the injuries, the AIIMS doctor said there were patients with damage to retina and lens and also some patients have developed cataract formation (opaqueness).
“The situation is bad, it is intense. The pellets have done damage to their eyes…70 to 80 percent of them (patients) will gain ‘some vision’ after undergoing multiple surgical interventions. There are certain damages which can be reversed but we will have to wait and watch. Some of them may regain 20 percent (vision) and some 40 percent; some may even recover fully but even if one eye is fully functional the patient won’t be normal,” said Prof Kumar, who was flanked by two other specialists from AIIMS, Dr Rohan Chawla and Dr Ganesh Pillia. To a question about the State Government policy to continue with the use of pellet guns, Prof Kumar said: “It (pellet guns) should not be used. Violence in any form is not answer to anything.”
The AIIMS team however appreciated the work done by the doctors at SHMS in treating the eye injury cases. “These people have done a remarkable job.—GK

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