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Wanted a wise man..!

AS terror unleashes itself throughout the world, fearful people are running behind what they perceive are strong men! “Look how brusque, blunt and brutal he talks! That is exactly the no nonsense leader we need!” Wrong! That’s the wrong man to fight terror.
These men, instead of fighting terror, fall into the arms of the terrorist! Because the terrorist isn’t fighting conventional warfare towards a perceivable, traditional end. The terrorist inflicts injury on unsuspecting targets to create factions, divisions and enmity between people living together. In retaliating wrongly, the so-called, ‘strong’ man makes foolish decisions. He uses force. He issues statements against a community. He builds walls. Just what the terrorist wants.
He flexes his arms and shows his chest and shoulders, whereas his weapon should be the opening of his arms to be inclusive to all people. He talks communal, whereas he should be talking the universal language of peace. He tries to change the law to stifle dissent, whereas what should be seen is more transparency, towards building trust, and trust is imperative to keep people together. Today our nation needs a wiseman!
The days of wall building are over, as medieval King Trump if he ever reads a history book should realize from the European experience, where little city states battled with each other, till they squandered men and capital, and finally exhausted, found a small kingdom like England ruling most of the world. Today a united EU sometimes faces hiccups, but looking back at history, will keep them together. And while they stick together, the very country that once ruled the world, now tries to isolate itself, and can be seen drowning under the waves of Brexit!
A wise man is often looked upon as a weak man, because unfortunately the man of peace is perceived weak. Today, it is not about hugging the powerful and the mighty, but embracing the weak and helpless, because it is the weak and helpless who are either forming or supporting terror groups. Today, we blame people of one community for being terrorists, but you will be shocked at the brutality of our own ‘made in India’ backyard terrorists, the Maoists and Naxalites. Their beheadings, their killings and kidnappings are horror stories.
Why can’t we annihilate them? Because of local village support. Why? Because apart from fear locals have for them, inside they feel betrayed by successive governments who have not delivered to them the poor, the weak and the voiceless.
Communal hate, building walls, and creating division, will only increase terror. Gone are the days of a Winston Churchill type of leadership. Today we need a Gandhiji, a Nelson Mandela; a man or woman who speaks the truth, who builds trust, and knows to forgive. Put up a wanted poster: Wanted a wise man for our country..!