Wani’s blood haunts Indians

THE way the entire occupied Kashmir Valley was put under siege on the occasion of the first death anniversary of freedom fighter Burhan Wani on Saturday once again brought into lime light the plight of the Kashmiri people who despite all sorts of restrictions on their movement turned up in big numbers in rallies and demonstrations to express their love and pay tributes to the iconic figure of the freedom movement.
Apparently haunted by the blood of Burhan Wani, the Indian authorities also sealed all the roads leading to his home town Tral as well as the martyrs graveyard and Eid Gah where Wani’s funeral was offered. Desperate Indians did not confine their brutalities to the occupied Valley but in complete frustration also opened firing across the LoC killing five Pakistani civilians. There is no denying the fact that by rendering his blood, Valiant Wani infused a new life and spirit in the freedom movement so much so that independence from India has now become a household slogan in the occupied territory. The 22-year old boy in fact changed the very narrative of the warfare by using latest technology and Internet to promote Kashmir cause on the social media that on the one hand influenced the Kashmiri youth and on the other hand gave sleepless nights to the New Delhi’s security establishment for more than six years. This is the reason that today Kashmiri boys and girls are leading the movement from the front and elements within India are compelled to admit that the ongoing movement is purely indigenous in nature. By marking Wani’s death anniversary in a big way despite all sorts of oppression by the occupying forces, the Kashmiri people in fact have once again given their verdict against India.
On this side of the border also, big rallies were taken out in different cities including the federal capital to pay tributes to Wani and other martyrs of Kashmir. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his message on the occasion once again tried to remind the world community of its obligations towards the lingering dispute, the resolution of which is imperative for regional peace and stability. Whilst we have no doubt that the day is not far when the Kashmiris will also see the dawn of freedom, it is incumbent upon important capitals to shun political and economic expediencies and compel Modi Junta to sit with the two other stakeholders for resolution of the dispute as per several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council which recognised the birth right of Kashmiri people to freely choose their future. As the Kashmir movement has entered the most crucial phase, it is also time for Pakistan to gear up its diplomatic efforts in a way that by involving Pakistani and Kashmiri Diaspora abroad, a concerted campaign be launched to acquaint the people of western countries about the real plight of Kashmiri people. Whilst we welcome the recent statement of Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s statement on Kashmir, we also call upon our other brotherly countries especially from the Gulf to unequivocally raise their voice in support of oppressed Kashmiri people.

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