‘Voter Education and awareness’ ceremony held

Nasib Shah Shinwari


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Khyber Agency has organized a joint ceremony of ‘Voter Education and awareness’ at Jirga hall of Landikotal on Friday.
The officials of the ECP(Khyber Agency) and the political administration called on the local elders and people to aware them about the importance of ‘Vote’. The official of ECP and local elders discussed the issues and concerns of locals in regard of the vote registration process and general elections in NA-45.
Pavaiz Iqbal, the Agency Election Commissioner addressed the gathering and said it was the basic aim of the ECP to conduct a free and transparent election throughout Pakistan including FATA regions.
The assistant political agent of Landikotal, Niaz Muhammad also talked on the occasion and assured the local elders and tribesmen that the political administration with the cooperation of ECP would resolve all the issues of locals about voter registration process and other relevant tasks about the general elections.
He said vote was very important and it was the right of every citizen to use this democratic right to elect his representative in the parliament.
Earlier the tribal elder, Haji Abdur Razaq Afridi, Jamat-e-Islami leader Murad Hussain Afridi, PTI leader Abdur Raziq Shinwari and Khalil Afridi, journalist also delivered their speeches and informed the representatives of ECP about the issues of locals about voter registration process.

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