Vote for Pakistan

Sir today through the courtesy of this newspaper I want to spread awareness among people who do not know the worth of their single vote as election-2018 is around the corner. Pakistan has the population of around 200561341 people (as of Sunday, June 10, 2018, based on latest United Nation estimates), and among them many do not cast their votes. They think that what difference is their single vote going to make, or they enjoy that day as a public holiday with their friends and families which results in upbringing of the impotent and inappropriate leaders.
Every individual has different opinion and according to what they think is right, they should go for it and vote for the right one if they call them Pakistanis. We all keep crying over different problems in the country but when it comes to elect the right person to solve these problems many people fell into different political traps and vote for the wrong ones or do not cast their votes at all. Mostly people who do not cast their votes someone else do it for them corruptly in this cruel society.
Despite of whoever you vote, I request you all to go and vote for Pakistan. This is not a matter of few days or any minor purpose, but this is the matter of our motherland. We all should look into this matter very seriously and think many times before voting and should vote for the sake of our Homeland Pakistan.

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