Vonn incensed after losing her ski, World Cup lead to Gut


La Tuile, Italy— Lindsey Vonn was incensed after losing her ski and the World Cup lead in a tricky downhill Friday, frustrated and fuming over her equipment
“My ski came off,” she said, underlining her anger with an expletive.
Swiss rival Lara Gut won and moved 13 points ahead of Vonn in the overall ranks with the season approaching its conclusion next month.
Vonn was the last of the favorites to start and was ahead of Gut at the first checkpoint but then her right ski detached on a sharp turn at about 75 kph (50 mph) and she slid down the course on her hip.
“I’m really confused at how this happened. I have to watch the video again,” Vonn said, showing off her bent ski in the finish area. “The whole thing is a little bit perplexing to me. Normally none of this should happen.”
Gut finished a whopping 1.02 seconds ahead of Cornelia Huetter of Austria, with Nadia Fanchini of Italy third, 1.03 back, as the Franco Berthod course in the shadows of Mont Blanc made its debut on the circuit.
Vonn came in much wider than Gut to the turn where she went out.
“I was getting a little bit bounced by the ice there and I was a little bit inside of my body position and my ski just came off,” Vonn said. “I’m definitely disappointed. I thought I was skiing pretty well. … That’s pretty much the one thing besides the weather you can’t control. I did my job and hopefully tomorrow my skis will also do their job.”
The American said she didn’t have any serious injuries and would be ready for another downhill Saturday. “I’ll probably be pretty bruised,” Vonn said. “I slid on my hip for quite a ways.”—AP