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Suicide attack at Shrine

The suicide attack near Data Darbar Shrine in Lahore killed 10 people. It is very painful those terrorists are again active in the holy month of Ramadan. Although very strict security arrangements are made there, yet complete foolproof system is required as large number of people visit these places.
High quality sensors need to be installed there so that any person with explosive material can be countered before explosion. Moreover, the security agencies must also work hard to counter terrorism and ensure lives of police and public.

Milk in Pakistan

Most Pakistanis, from my captivating Karachi to my Islamabad the beautiful, are drinking adulterated milk, So much so the milk we drink even in the holy month of Ramdhan is also tainted/contaminated, but who cares in this society where violation of quality safety standards is a common feature.
Is there anyone God-fearing to take a serious notice of adulterated/contaminated milk being supplied to the citizens through the length and breadth of the country as a result they die a premature death?

Health issues

I would like to draw attention towards the health issues in Pakistan. Every year Pakistan faces more health problems than it did in the previous one, leading to new kinds of diseases that are difficult to be treated due to unfavourable financial, economic and climatic conditions.
The government has allocated only a small amount for healthcare in the budget. It is neglected just like education and all the other positive things that lead to development of the country. Basic healthcare facilities in such areas are provided by NGO-run hospitals and clinics. The death rate is higher than usual. The government has clearly no interest in welfare of the common people. The federal and provincial governments should take concrete measures to improve health facilities in Karachi and the whole of Sindh.

Standard of honesty/dishonesty

Different people have set their own standards of honesty and dishonesty. In public sector organisations, there are some officers who are considered to be dead honest but they always try to stay away from such postings where they have to process files of cash payments and in case, they are posted against any such positions, they try their level best not to forward files to next immediate officer for payment rather they keep sending files back to initiating officer with queries and queries. They only forward file of cash payments in extreme compulsion.
Concerned authorities should seriously look into this unprofessional attitude of such officers as those people suffer a lot who are to be paid by government against any service rendered by them and address the phobia of such officers who scare to be stuck in some sort of problem by processing payment files. It should well be understood that if processing any wrong file is dishonesty similarly stopping any valid payment file which is documented with requisite evidence for the service rendered is also dishonesty.

Rumours quashed timely

Opposition parties for some time have been talking loudly about presidential system supposedly being introduced in the country and declaring at the top of their voices opposing it with full force. Prime Minister Imran Khan has done well by quashing all such rumours while talking to the media people in the PM Office in Islamabad on Monday saying that he does not know from where such rumours are coming as there is no such thinking at any level in the federal government.
This timely quashing of the rumours about presidential system at the highest level should set at rest the fears and apprehensions of the opposition parties particularly former ruling parties PPP and PML(N) and they should utilize their time and energy in something more constructive instead of indulging in such fishing of rumours. The opposition parties have also been crying hoarse about rolling back of the 18th Constitutional Amendment.
This was also quashed by President Arif Alvi sometime back by saying that 18th Amendment can be improved further if needed and not annulled. PPP leadership was also raising lot of hue and cry over changing name of Benazir Income Support Programme without ascertaining factual position as there was no such move in the federal government quarters Opposition parties seem to be hell bent upon finding faults with the PTI governments at the federal and provincial levels. They have democratic right to criticize left and right what the ruling party is doing. But prior to lashing out at the federal government, they are advised to ascertain facts first and then do their job of criticism for the sake of criticism.

Chairman FBR appointment

The decision by PM Imran Khan to appoint a renowned CA and an expert in tax laws, Shabbar Zaidi as Chairman FBR, instead of a bureaucrat is a wise step. It was either incompetence or corruption within civil bureaucracy in FBR during whose stewardship tax revenues declined and tax net actually shrunk in comparison to rise in population. Security of civil bureaucrat’s service structure is not more sacrosanct than collective national interest of Pakistan and welfare of over 200 million citizens which has been sacrificed at altar of greed or incompetence of a few.
If black economy has become stronger than documented economy, the onus of responsibility falls on civil bureaucrats and others employed by FBR to collect revenues from all citizens who earn above declared threshold. If Pakistan today faces threat of international scrutiny for money laundering and undocumented economy which has been exploited by proscribed groups, or weaknesses within system and loopholes left unplugged which have contributed to country’s international embarrassment. All state institutions, both civil and uniformed, or those who are elected to hold public offices are there to serve people of Pakistan and not vice versa. Pakistan and its paid public office holders must realize that the system no longer has space for their abuse of power.
No political system, either socialist, or capitalist, or any other form, can survive without a built-in welfare system to cater to the needs of most deprived. Unfortunately in Pakistan, the State has catered for welfare of paid and ruling elite. This archaic rotten sick system can no longer be sustained. Unless revenues are raised through direct taxation on all sources of income, our national economy, state security and survival stands compromised. It is the economy that sustains national security.

Respect religion

During every festive season, be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Christmas or Eid, I am shocked to see images of politicians alongside gods and goddesses. This is very shameful! These banners and hoardings irritate me so much. It’s high time we respect every religion. Garbage, sewage problems, bad roads, debris in streets, sick and homeless people… let politicians and BMC focus on these issues.
Banners and hoardings serve nothing except inflate ego of some people. Every political party be it the Congress, the BJP, the NCP, the Shiv Sena or the MNS have not spared Mumbai of illegal hoardings. The BMC allows such banners because its officials are hand-in-glove with the politicians. Shame on them!
Mumbai, India