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Kashmir massacre

Whenever we hear the word Kashmir, we directly start visualizing about beautiful valleys, mountains, snow fall, flowing water, greenery and extraordinary culture and tradition of Kashmir but painfully, this earthy Heaven has been not less than a hell for about seven decades. In Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK), genocide of Kashmiris continues and appears to have no end.
The atrocity in shape of human rights abuses, torture, rape, extrajudicial killings is so fierce that it has become a nightmare state and almost every individual home is not so far from target of Indian troops in Kashmir. At last, as human beings, let us all be together and raise the voice on behalf of the victimized ones, thus the international community look upon the serious matter and take a solid step to teach India a lesson forthwith.

Unpredictable team

Pakistan has maintained their reputation being unpredictable by defeating England on their soil before their crowd after giving them one of the highest scores to chase. Loosing to West Indies handsomely in their World Cup opener match disappointed Pakistani fans across the globe but this win must have boosted the confidence of Pakistan team and cheer to their fans.
This win would definitely help them perform much better in their forthcoming matches. One or two such performances would make them most favourite to win the Cup. As catches win matches so dropping catches would not be affordable rather some unpredictable catches should be grabbed and if it is managed then it would be hard to confront green shirts by any side.

Great ISPR

This is apropos with the write-up published in the Daily Times, the illicit allegations on Pak Army, published by BBC News on 2nd June 2019. These allegations on Pak Army are obviously pre-planned propaganda.
As a patriotic Pakistani, I urge the international community to make much sense and not defame such a high profile Army in the world. At last, I appreciate the efforts of DG, ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor, who is an active soldier and fully conversant with the internal as well as external threats.

Conflicts of loyalty

Those who believe in Islam understand importance of verbal oath which a non-believer has to take for conversion to Muslim by reciting Kalima in presence of witnesses. An individual can have loyalty and commitment to only one faith, just like patriotism for one country. The concept of dual nationality is contradictory to Islamic principles and beliefs. For example American nationality oath binds citizens to “absolutely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any state or sovereignty of whom, or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen”.
He also pledges “to defend the constitution and laws of the USA against all enemies, foreign or domestic, I will bear arms on behalf of the USA when required by the law; – I will perform non-combatant service in the Armed Forces, I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction”. There is no ambiguity that such a person is bound by laws to perform any duty assigned to them including espionage, financial sabotage etc.
In case of conflict of interest, law requires them, or their dual-nationality children, to do whatever is required if it is in the national interest of their new country. Yet individuals with split loyalties are appointed to key sensitive assignments such as Advisors etc. It is an established fact that nations under debt cannot protect their sovereignty over land, foreign or internal policies, trade and strategic assets for too long. High revenue targets cannot be achieved without widening tax net or levying taxes on real estate and every other profitable venture along with eliminating subsidies on allotment of plots, golf clubs and luxurious lifestyle of paid civil and uniformed elite. In case of not achieving IMF agreed revenue, lot can be on stake – caught between devil and deep sea.

Quid pro quo marriages

A seven-year-old girl was bartered into marriage to a man 21 years her senior in Tandlianwala, a town in Punjab a couple of days ago. It really makes heart bleed when such incidents take place. A consequence of quid pro quo marriage that an unfortunate 7 year-old-girl had been married to a 28 yrs old which is really injustice with the girl who had not reached even the age of puberty.
Police officials told the media that the case of the two girls being traded came to their attention when the victim {Pathani} fled the house after being beaten and tortured by her husband and they took her into custody. A case was registered against her husband and all facilitators of this marriage and officiator as well after a medico-test proved that underage girl had been abused. It is really inexplicable that how parents agree to give their underage daughters’ hand to such old and barbaric men.
Really condemnable act by all who facilitate such marriages which destroy life of unfortunate underage girls who really couldn’t comprehend what has in store for them. It is also a violation of Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 amended on April 30, 2019, according to which marriage under 18 years of age may lead to Rs. 200,000 fine and 3-years strict punishment for facilitators. Concerned authorities should deal with all offenders according to this Act in letter and spirit.