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Plea to DHA Valley Islamabad

Almost over 10 years have elapsed when general public was offered a chance to apply for computerized ballot for plots measuring 8 Marla and 5 Marla in DHA Valley Islamabad. I was amongst those declared successful for 8 Marla plot and started paying instalments since August 2008. All instalments were paid as per demand till the 11nth instalment in May 2011. Payment for 12th instalment was withheld by DHA for their own reasons. After efforts and pleas by applicants, the final instalment was paid by me on 28 December 2018 along with a surcharge levied by DHA.
Although I possess all dues paid computerized accounts statement and receipt of final payment made in December 2018, the second such re-ballot held in April 2019, did not include my name. The DS/DD No given to me by DHA Valley is DYI-034686. I would request DHA Valley Islamabad to do justice. There is no response to several emails and letters sent to them and therefore the need to send my plea through your newspaper.

Sexual abuse

Recent surge in cases of sexual abuse has created an untoward situation in society. From nuke and corner we hear some sane voices to take some stern action against this evil and block its way from recurring in future. Indeed, it’s need of the time which demands some demonstrative steps that can really bring much required change in this regard. But the question is how can we deal with the monster?
Would it be fine to make sex education compulsory for children to make them aware of sexual abuse or a more comprehensive strategy is required? It’s a query which no one has yet answered. We will deal with this dilemma by making a minor effort by understanding sex and gender, human need, process of socialisation, the bane of interconnected globalised world and the role of social institutions which work together and contribute to shape unwanted human behaviour. We start our discussion with the basic terminologies of sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological being of human which is inbuilt and natural. Every human is born with sex. Most prominent category of human beings in terms of sex is male and female. Another category of bisexual human beings also exists but they are born with some sexual deformity hence they don’t fall in any of two prominent categories. Gender on the other hand is given to a biological being by its society.
As we know human beings are social beings, they need society to nurture their natural potential which otherwise would be lost. The process of nurture starts right from the day one is born in this world. It is done by social institutions of society. This society attaches role and status with particular sex and moulds their personality as per social standards of particular society. All this is combined known as socialisation which gives gender to a sexual being. So, it is clear that sex is given by nature and gender is achieved by nurture.
Dr Payal’s death

The death of Dr Payal Tadvi a second year resident doctor of BYL Nair Hospital on May 22, 2019 needs to be thoroughly investigated and the three doctors responsible for her suicide should be severely punished. Ragging in universities and colleges has withstood bitter opposition but its prevalence cannot justify its continuance.
It seems that it was started with no evil intention but today it has degenerated to such an extent that it has become a physical torture. Just in the name of fun the senior students assault the freshers physically. Every year they devise new methods to harass the new comers.
Raggers derive vicious pleasure out of the suffering of others. The freshers have to serve their seniors and have to dance to the tune of their tormentors. Is it not a sad beginning for them? Despite the fact that the colleges have banned ragging which often results in untoward incidents including death, it has perpetrated with impunity. In a sophisticated society, particularly in the educational institutions, such acts tarnish their image. Ragging cannot be justified by calling it just fun because, any pleasure derived out of the other’s sufferings is devil’s pleasure. The concerned authorities should take strict steps to check this inhuman practice.
Mumbai, India

Unsung heroes

These were one of the unforgettable and the most depressing days of my life when I was sitting on my chair preparing for the ETEA 2017 in the scorching month of June. Half asleep, I heard a blast that shook me all over. I rushed to the window to see what had happened. All I could see was people gathering around pointing at the bushes if something was wrong there. I felt the vibes that something was wrong for sure. In the meanwhile, I saw a hand rising from within the bushes. There was someone in the bushes that had become the victim of the transformer blast and naked electricity wires.
After seeing that, my heart sank. It was such a dreadful situation and I could not help but start crying. The scene was so tragic that in no time dozens of people had gathered there and some also called the ambulance (as I could assume looking from the window). And that was the time when a middle-aged, strong man arrived at the site, observed the situation and asked another guy to help him lift the victim out. They held the victim from arms and legs and pulled him out. But to my surprise, he was a kid, a very feeble kid, being the prey of naked wire. I got panicked. It was so miserable after seeing a kid being the prey. People there placed him in a nearby yard and tossed soil over him.