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Farishta and our society

The case of Farishta is not the first one in our society. Almost every day news channels break news about child abuse cases in the country. Even there may be cases of same type which don’t come in the notice of media. Our society has become thirsty of children’s blood. One wonders why child abuse is not going to abate even after the execution of Zainab’s murderer.
Why we have failed to educate our people in general and children in particular about social norms and morality? These all cases suggest two things: one we lack proper education and second we are not psychologically a stable society. Children should be taught about child abuse in their schools and for society proper counselling is needed.

Say no to dollar

Pakistani currency’s devaluation continues as dollar soars very high. Social media users initiated a campaign with a slogan “say no to dollar” which means not to buy dollars so that dollar rate may come down but it never means to set the dollar on fire. You may know as it would damage the already constrained economy of the country rather these dollars should be debited into the banks so that economy improves.
Sealing money changers is another good step to control dollar rates which might work out but using local products would really help reduce dollar rates. If we could not control the steady rise of dollar rates then Pakistan would have to pay a lot more money to pay its debts off as payment would be made in dollars. It becomes obligatory for every citizen not to buy dollars as renowned jurist has given a statement that buying dollars and saving in order to earn more profit in prevailing scenario is a sin and would be considered treason with the country. So let’s contribute to take active part in this campaign and prove yourself a patriotic citizen.
A huge requirement

Being virgin of the girls has become a huge requirement for the boys to marry the girls and not being virgin can cause the deaths of the brides at the first night of wedding. The question is how do girls lose their virginity? At an early age, we girls are often told by our parents not to play sports that are too aggressive or to do anything that is too physical and we wonder why? But we are not given the answer. We girls break the norms and do whatever pleases us be it dancing, jumping, skipping or sports.
The girls get the answer of this question when they are rejected by their husbands at the first night of their wedding because they fail to be virgin. The girls get worried that how did they lose their virginity? The answer of this question is a girl does not only lose her hymen while having sex for the first time rather a girl also loses her hymen in sports too and the surprising thing is that the girls themselves do not get aware when they lose their hymens because they do not undergo a specific pain nor any kind of bleeding.
The purity test of the girls are taken in an indirect way by laying white sheets on the bed in order to know that whether the bride bleeds or not and if they do not bleed so either they are killed or they are divorced. It is very much important for the men to know that girls do not only lose their hymen for having sex rather they lose it in sports etc so they must not be punished for the faults which they have not done and it should not be an obstacle in any relationship.

in Ramazan

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to point out that Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. This time, the people around the world focus on fasting and praying. However, the people of Pakistan face problem of load shedding during this period. In the holy month, the people want to pray to Allah, they are unable to do because of the torturers inflicted by the continuous load shedding.
Furthermore, the load shedding is also getting worse by the day. The people have to face power outages of more than 17 hours at present. The government of Pakistan has to take serious action to eradicate load shedding at least during the month of Ramadan. I hope to use daily as a medium of raising concern for this grave issue that affects the million people and hope it reached the appropriate audience.