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Even-handed treatment?

It is a painful reality that social evils and anti-national integration trends and practices such as regionalism, nepotism and administrative corruption, among other ills and evils are being promoted in public sector organisations. Employees of the same organisations are not given even –handed treatment in career progression etc. This subversive trend and unjust approach is a serious and insidious problem. It does not augur well for organisational governance and also for national integration and cohesion. Time has come to shun regionalism, nepotism and corruption in our public sector organisations and other segments of society to built what the prime minister call ‘Naya Pakistan’ (New Pakistan).
It is apt to remind those who are in authority position(s) and promote regionalism, nepotism and administrative corruption what the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about injustice in any form and manifestation. It reads as, ”No sin is more swiftly punished than injustice.”

Sindh govt jail reforms

The condition of jails in Pakistan has gone worst over the period. In central jail Karachi 6000 prisoners are lodged where capacity exist for only 2000. Now government of Sindh has come up with a plan for rehabilitation of prisoners to provide them basic education and good surrounding so that when they complete their term they may come out as productive and responsible citizens. As a student of criminology, I appreciate this remarkable step of government of Sindh.
Via email

Savoir or monster

No doubt season 8 episode 5 of Game of Thrones has caused the biggest uproar in the show’s fandom, ever. Turning Dany into Mad Queen was nothing but needless to say, after “The Bells”, a lot of viewers are not happy about turn in Dany’s character. It disclosed the final big battle of the series unfold in King’s Landing, as Daenerys and her army tried to overthrow Lannister Queen from her stronghold in the Red Keep. Majority of viewers think it for some kind of emotional breakdown, rather than a painful strategic decision by a powerful leader. Here is the reason that Daenery’s big turn in “The Bells” wasn’t madness, but rather the necessary strategy for ending the war with the Lannisters. Calling it a “rushed” or “unearned” character turn for Daenerys Targaryen is arguably missing the point of the episode – as well as seven seasons and four episodes of character work building up to it.
Daenerys’s tactics have always been more deeply rooted in dominance than in empathy (she spent an entire season insisting a peer united in the struggle with her “bend the knee”), and she has for seasons framed her politics as a generational struggle, rather than an evolutionary process that necessarily includes the freely-given consent of the governed. And, most notably of all, her case for herself as queen, and the actions she’s taken to get there, pivot around the idea of revenge.
In Season 4 episode 5 of season Daenerys says to Jorah, “You counselled me against rashness once in Qarth. I didn’t listen. It all worked out well.”Clearly, she learned a valuable lesson about the power of violence. The problem with Dany going full Mad Queen isn’t that she used to be a hero or that the show never foreshadowed it. There have been seeds, all the way back to Season 1 when she burned Mirri Maz Duur alive as vengeance for Khal Drogo’s death. She has long been vain, ruthless and completely convinced of her own brilliance.
Risalpur, KP

IMF bailout syndrome

Pakistan seems to be a victim of chronic ailment called IMF Bailout Syndrome. Our economic planners and ruling elite for over 60 years have reduced this country to status of a patient, suffering from depression, who goes to a doctor for treatment. Instead of seeking remedial treatment to rid the cause of depression, the patient gets addicted to drugs. This is exactly what Pakistani State has been doing after seeking almost twenty such IMF Bailout Packages. Instead of taking measures to raise revenues through direct taxation and making use of latest technology which has established over 3.5 million tax evaders, owning assets beyond declared sources of income, the ruling elite prefers seeking more debts to plug ever increasing deficit. Everybody in this country is aware of harassment the former NADRA head faced for identifying over 3.5 million individuals, which included many within holy cows and members of political elite and paid bureaucracy.
Things have deteriorated to such an extent that this plunder has been legalized or regularized. Foundations which were created for purely legitimate welfare of employees were given tax reliefs and exemptions.
Now they are involved in multiple profitable ventures owning fertilizer plants, banking, cereal, launching housing and commercial plazas for sale to general public, Zabiya meat, construction of roads etc. Some of them are in nexus with big Land Mafia Dons who illegally grab forest land and amenity plots, but never get caught. As long as revenues are not generated through direct taxation and investment in manufacturing industry boosted, Pakistan can never come out of debt crisis. It was during Musharraf tenure that Bata and Service Shoes, which employed thousands in manufacturing units, are now just importing them. Exports will only rise when manufacturing industry survives.

25 % increase in pensions

The PTI’s federal government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan is presently in the process of preparation of its first formal budget for financial year 2019-20 probably on June 10, 2019. Despite the prevalent severe economic crisis and the concerted efforts being made at the appropriate level to overcome the economic crisis and set things right at the earliest possible, it is being stated officially that efforts will be made to provide as much relief to the people as possible in the prevailing critical financial situation.
At the time of announcement of the federal budget, the serving as well as retired employees of the federal government and autonomous corporations are given sort of ad hoc relief equally. None of the federal governments have ever bothered to give pensioners more than the serving employees as they are entirely dependent on the pension they get unlike the serving public servants who get salary, privileges and perks and official residences or house rent allowance. This is to request the Prime Minister that pension of the retired government employees should at least be increased in the ratio of 20 to 25 per cent to enable the poor pensioners cope with increasing cost of living to some extent.
While ensuring tax burden on the middle income salaried people as well as on the pensioners on the lower side, it will be highly appreciable of the federal government if pension of retired employees is increased minimum in the range of 20 to 25 per cent in the new federal budget and anything less than this will be least acceptable.

Examinations while fasting

I am pursuing my studies in mass communication at Awaaz Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS), Karachi. My fellow students and me have concerns regarding examinations during Ramazan. During this month there is a visible routine change due to which we can’t give much attention to our studies. We all feel exhausted if we keep fast and also carry out 5 to 6 hours studies.
I request management of our institute to re-schedule our examinations and hold them soon after Eid. I am sure many other students of different institutions must also be experiencing this situation.
Syed Affan Ahmed
Via email