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We don’t need PM

If Congress President Rahul Gandhi had to apologize to the Apex Court for calling Narendra Modi a Chowkidar who is a chor, Narendra Modi too should apologize to Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra and Sonia Gandhi for his nasty remarks against them. Why didn’t he apologize? This clearly proves that he’s a ‘Chowkidar Chor’ for all the false promises he has been making to the people of India since the last five years.
Political rallying stands in one place, whereas demeaning your contenders by passing offensive remarks about their family stands in another. How come Modi was not arrested and the Supreme Court gave him a clean chit when the riots took place in Gujarat in the year 2002 in which thousands of Christians and Muslims were burnt alive? This clearly proves that he has bribed judge at Supreme Court.
We don’t need a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi to rule the country who has been passing offensive remarks against the Congress Party. All we need is a Prime Minister who is secular in his thinking and who cares for the common man.
Mumbai, India

Happenings in the US

What is happening in America? What are Americans like? What has the US been doing all these years towards the people and the world? Similar questions about America have been aplenty and yet more such questions will come up in the pipeline. All the hullabaloo and hallucination should be stopped right away.
But the fact is that America has reached the remarkable milestones on boundless fronts like technology and economy only trudging through the hard paths and rough territories down the years. There have been many beautiful people like Bill Gates hailing from the US. In fact, Bill Gates had been my big inspiration during my college years between 1998 and 2001 in Tuticorin and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.
That said, at this time America is encountering a lot of political conflicts. Especially President Donald Trump has been embroiled in so many unnecessary problems caused by his rivals. The Pandora’s box includes internal conflicts, Russian interference in American elections and et cetera. The sooner Mr. Trump comes out of all these crises, the better it will be for all. To nudge the rivals out of the way, American President should take to the diplomatic route and smooth talk – that he has in abundance. At the end of the day, he will be able to get on with his sole duty and relevant responsibilities.
Mumbai, India

Housing projects’

The PM’s low-cost housing scheme is likely to kick off within a month to build five million units. The past policies such as Prime Minister Junejo’s five points, National Housing Policy 2001 and National Resettlement Policy 2002, KDA’s Satellite Town and a number of low-cost housing schemes of various development authorities are still to become habitat even after many decades since their launching. The objective was not accomplished and scarcity of housing increased manifold. At the moment, there is 8.5 million shortage of housing and it increases every year. Thus fate of Naya Pakistan Housing Project will be no different. As a result, the low income group moved to urban centres and established slums or squatter settlement over the state land, particularly on land of strategic, hazardous zones, under high tension lines, river beds, abutting drainage, along with railway tracks and amenity plots.
Now these slums constitute about 45% of urban population. The figure is gradually increasing. The idea to build new five million units is attractive, but overlooking the existing slums of mega urban cities will be a major disillusionment to the 45% urban population living in inferior conditions.
Realising the gravity of the past experience and in order to evolve an effective mechanism to control future growth of Katchi Abadis, it is imperative to undertake resettlements to equalise and uplift existing slums to alleviate the sufferings of the urban poor rather than constructing new housing.
The federal government needs to allocate ample seed money to convert Naya Pakistan housing project into resettlement plan. It should take up itself or ask provinces to build houses as per quantum of slums or Katchi Abadis in the respective province with vertical or horizontal housing structure and active public and private partnership to comply with the constitutional obligations and universal commitment envisaged in the Millennium Development Goals.