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Pak Observer deserve appreciation

I always wanted to be a writer. I pursued a course in journalism but did not know where to start. When ‘Pakistan Observer’ was first published, I tried my hand at writing letters to the editor for the ‘Letters to the editor’ page. I wrote one letter after another and they were all published without too much editing. This gave me an opportunity to contribute more letters for the newspaper.
Since all my letters were all being published, I made it a daily habit of writing letters to the newspaper. Today, I write letters on various topics and am not at all afraid of writing letters against our corrupt MLAs, politicians, Prime Minister and the police. I really appreciate your journalists and their passionate job that despite being beaten many times, they don’t give up and provide us with news of various kinds.
Mumbai, India

Deserted green belts

Green belts in Karachi present a deserted look although green belts are made for plantation but situation is entirely opposite to what green belts are meant for. Moreover, road side green belts excluding central one are occupied by shop keepers and hotel owners where tea and meal are served and some have become food streets while some green belts are covered with wastes.
Karachi is already deprived of greenery as some old trees were cut in the name of construction of new roads, bridges and underpasses. Concerned authorities should initiate a campaign to plant as many saplings as they can and do not leave any green belt unattended so that Karachi may look green.

Inhuman behaviour of PIA staff

I want to draw the attention of the Government and the concerned authorities of PIA towards a very inhuman behaviour of PIA’s staff on the boarding counter. My parents above 80 years of age were travelling to Jeddah from Peshawar with (PK-735) on a three-month family visit to see my elder brother. They were denied boarding and sitting helpless in the lounge for 3 hours worried if they would be able to make it to Jeddah. Reason being having no return ticket which PIA’S business is not. We will decide which airline to fly with on return as suitable date.
In a very tense situation and short time period we managed a return ticket which they showed on boarding counter as a proof and then about 20 minutes before the flight take off time they were issued boarding. Very disappointingly, I ask the PIA officials that what is your contribution towards making PIA better? May we have this as a test case? How long you want us to deal with such incompetent lot of hires? No respect for people and no knowledge about their work procedure. But the story does not end here as the luggage is also not delivered in Jeddah and it is still missing.

Unhygienic conditions in colleges

I want to draw attention of the authorities concerned towards the unhygienic conditions prevailing in government colleges. I am an ex-student of Superior Boys College, located at Shah Faisal Colony. It used to be one of the premier educational institutions in Karachi. Being a nationalized college, most of the students either come from lower-middle class families. The washrooms in the college have become very sordid and deteriorated, water taps are either not available or not in order.
Sewerage lines are choked. Dirty water relentlessly overflows and sometimes gushes into the classrooms. There are no washbasins to wash hands, what to talk of soap. Due to the defective and ill-maintained sewerage system all the washrooms have been destroyed and are not useable.
Since the college administration seems to have an absence of interest in remedying the situation, I request the city and provincial governments to take note of it and initiate appropriate measures to repair the washrooms so that proper hygienic conditions are provided.

Child marriage

#EndChildMarriage being the top trend on social media this week has numerous opinions and public polls. Sorrowfully, majority of literate people has remained busy in supporting idea of early marriage. People wanted to tell other people that how Islamic they are by misogynistic debate in favour of girl’s early marriage. Many have dug in to search for relevant examples from Islamic history. Others say that those who are talking against early marriage are anti-Islamic liberals.
In the human history throughout, religion has always been used for both controlling and manipulating. What only can be done to let the Early Marriage Bill passed from Parliament is to involve some educated, rational Muftis, who should emphasize women rights and necessity of education under Islamic teachings. There should be seminars and campaigns about human rights’ violation by child marriage.

Social economic revolution

I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities, through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, towards an extremely vital tormenting problem of our country. Pakistan has been facing different challenges to its economy. The economic situation of Pakistan is very critical and people are looking for its solution. Without tackling the challenges decisively, the country will no longer be able to take advantages of opportunities.
Pakistan is making good progress on business front as software industry aims to achieve the goal of 5 billion export by year 2020 through software development and service out-coursing which will help improve economy of the country. The concerned authorities are therefore requested to look into this matter instead of politicians, the academics, intellectuals and community leaders should come forward and play their role in social revolution.
Via email

Doctors’ attitude

People in Turbat are in a miserable condition because of the pathetic attitude of doctors. When the doctors on duty in civil hospital, they do not pay due attention towards the patients. As it has been observed that 85% doctors are treating in a careless, thus adversely affecting the citizens’ health.
Poor people have the only option to get themselves treated in the only civil hospital where doctors are showing carelessness. Therefore, the concerned authorities are requested to look for it and have a check on such issues on a regular basis.